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Round-up of wines tasted

By billn on March 31, 2005 #pages

No slurping and spitting; these wines were really drunk and predominantly at home with food and friends between November 2004 and March 2005. I started 2005 with a few 1999 Vosne 1ers – usually very good, occasionally fabulous. Plenty of 2002’s that are very nice, but aren’t quite so… Read More

Round-up of all wines tasted…

By billn on October 26, 2004 #pages

No slurping or spitting! This is a compendium of wines that were drunk with food, friends and family, between July 2004 and the end of October 2004. Corkwatch: 5 from 83 = 6.0% Regional Wines (8) Villages Wines (24) Premier Cru Wines (27) Grand Cru… Read More

A Vintage Viewpoint

By billn on October 26, 2004 #pages#vintage viewpoint

2004 Producer, producer, producer. You hear it often enough but it will be crucial in 2004 – at least for the reds – here the vintage was much more challenging and is likely to be anything but homogeneous. The grapes had excellent acidity and ripeness but triage was the… Read More

Roundup of all wines tasted…

By billn on July 04, 2004 #pages

No slurping and spitting. These wines were predominantly drunk at home with food and friends between February and July 2004. For the first time I’ve tried to bring a semblance of order to these notes, so in each section you will find the producers in alphabetical order!… Read More

Red burgundy from 1998

By billn on July 04, 2004 #pages#vintage appraisal

I can’t help it, I like 1998’s, most anyway… Don’t run away with the idea that they’re perfect, because they’re not. Of the forty wines drunk, they generally showed balance, deep colour, gorgeous fruit that’s often shaded to black, a little spice, excellent concentration and very good acidity. There is… Read More

Burgundy Report

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