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Château de Rougeon – 2021

By billn on August 18, 2023

Tasted in Bissey-sous-Cruchaud (near Buxy) with Florence and Jospeph Bouchard. 19 April 2023 Château de Rougeon Rougeon 71390 Bissey-sous-Cruchaud Tel: +33 3 85 92 02 54 More reports with Château de Rougeon Florence on 2022: “It took a little elevage but finally, we have some freshness in the wines. Read More

Profile: Château de Rougeon

By billn on December 19, 2019

Tasted in Bissey-sous-Cruchaud (near Buxy) with Florence and Jospeph Bouchard. 28 September 2019 Château de Rougeon Rougeon 71390 Bissey-sous-Cruchaud Tel: +33 3 85 92 02 54 We have met Joseph Bouchard before in these pages, as he’s responsible for the… Read More

BIVB Cave de Prestige 2022

By billn on November 18, 2022

Since 1971, and from Chablis to Mâcon, the Bourgogne Wine Board (BIVB) has been selecting cuvées to illustrate the wines of Burgundy all around the world and to be used during the BIVB’s promotional and training activities. 2022 was the 51st awards ceremony for what has become know as the… Read More

A Cru Fleurie Tasting

By billn on April 21, 2022

Tasted in Lyon 25 October 2021 The chance to meet a few domaines that I don’t know well, plus a couple of old favourites that crept in too! Listed in the order tasted: Chateau du Chatelard 307 rue de Chatelard 69220 Lancié Tel: +33 4 74 04 12 99… Read More

weekend 14 2021, some wines…

By billn on April 13, 2021 #degustation

Yes, mainly Chablis but with no regrets, just utter enjoyment from all this weekend: 2019 L&C Poitout, Petit Chablis A vertical nose – high and low tones but not so wide – there’s a floral freshness here. In the mouth the width that was missing on the… Read More

weekend wines, week 13 2021

By billn on March 29, 2021 #degustation

2010 Famille Barbet, St.Amour Clos des Billards A reserve caveau label – usually the best of wines – let’s see… The colour is modest and showing some age but there’s no browning. All the time that it’s open, this is a timid nose, that’s not to… Read More

Beaujolais’ boys and girls come to Beaune….

By billn on May 01, 2020

In the ‘square’ of Romain Escoffier’s Table du Square in Beaune (right), and with an occasional interloper, the brave young producers of Beaujolais set up stall in the heart of the Côte d’Or during the week of Burgundy’s Grands Jours de Bourgogne. This tasting was not in the official programme… Read More

a bottle or two…

By billn on November 08, 2019 #degustation

Just to show that I haven’t been ignoring my responsibilities these last couple of weeks – here’s the majority of bottles pulled from my own cellar in that time. I hold almost no notes in my head, but the basic impressions remain: The Armand Volnay was 2017, actually a… Read More

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