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99 volnay clos des ‘xxx’

By billn on July 01, 2015 #degustation

Age shows the difference! My two wines from the Elégance de Volnay: As young wines, i.e. the first year or two from release, this Potel was qualitatively on the same level as the Lafon Santenots and the d’Angerville Clos des Ducs – I really can’t say that anymore. Today… Read More

Profile: Henri Gouges

By billn on December 29, 2014 #br extra!#pages#profile producer

Tasted in Nuits with Gregory Gouges, 3rd December, 2014. Domaine Henri Gouges 7 Rue du Moulin 21700 Nuits St.Georges Tel: +33 3 80 61 04 40 Although the family had been involved with the vines for very much longer, Henri Gouges formed this Domaine… Read More

interesting stuff…

By billn on December 14, 2014 #the market

PUNCH | Is the Jura Dealing with the “Urban Outfitters Effect”? — Melissa M. Sutherland (@melissa_ful) December 13, 2014 A well-written and thought-provoking piece. There are many viewpoints of-course, and it is really no different a complaint to… Read More

Top-table 2010 reds…

By billn on December 17, 2013 #pages

In November 2013 I a wonderful invitation to dinner, it was an exceptional opportunity to taste some of the great wines from the 2010 vintage with winemakers. With a twist, these were German winemakers – some very famous names – and nice people too. The venue was Mainz, just… Read More

The very big round-up…

By billn on December 17, 2013 #pages

Here’s a compendium of wines, mainly 2011s and virtually all from bottle, mainly tasted with producers. I would have tasted many, many more in March/April but (sadly) had to cancel my visits. You will also see more and more 2012s as we move through into July-November. I’m afraid I still… Read More

Just so many wines – part 2

By billn on September 14, 2011 #pages

Not quite the blast that was part 1 – just over 90 wines – probably fatigue was starting to set in! Here’s a compendium of wines tasted with producers between the 1st April 2011 and the end of June 2011. They are mainly 2009s – more and more… Read More

Round-up of wines tasted…

By billn on April 14, 2010 #pages

No slurping or spitting! This is a compendium of wines that were drunk with food, friends and family, between mid-December 2009 and mid-April 2010. Regional Wines (7) Villages Wines (11) Premier Cru Wines (25) Grand Cru Wines (13) REGIONAL WINES 2005 David Clark, Bourgogne Au Pelson… Read More

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