Category Regional appellation
The appellations BOURGOGNE CLAIRET and BOURGOGNE ROSÉ are reserved for wines grown in the area of the BOURGOGNE appellation and follows the same rules as the red wines of this appellation.
Commune of production Department of Yonne : 54 communes
Department of Côte d’Or : 91 communes
Department of Saône et Loire : 154 communes
Department of Rhône : 85 communes
Colours and grape varieties Reds and rosés, mainly Pinot, also César and some remnants of Tressot in the Yonne, Gamay for wines from the 10 Beaujolais.crus.
Whites, Chardonnay.
Area in production Under production : about 2,850 ha.
Maximum yield per hectare Reds and rosés 55 hl
whites 60 hl
Annual average crop Reds and rosés 120,000 hl
Whites 66,000 hl
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Source: BIVB & Pitiot+Servant's The Wines of Burgundy (1999)

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