Category Communal appellation
This appellation includes some Premier Cru climats (below).
Red wines from the assigned area of this appellation can claim the appellation CÔTE DE BEAUNE-VILLAGES.
Whites qualify for the appellation MEURSAULT or PULIGNY-MONTRACHET according to situation.
Commune of production Meursault and Puligny-Montrachet
This appellation may be followed :
- (for premier cru climats) either by the words Premier Cru, or by the name of the climat of origin, or both
- (for climats not classed as premier cru) by the name of the climat alone
- or by the words Côte de Beaune.
Climats classed as premier cru Commune of Meursault : La Jeunelotte, La Pièce sous le Bois, Sous le Dos d'Ane, Sous Blagny
Commune de Puligny-Montrachet : Sous le Puits, La Garenne or Sur la Garenne, Hameau de Blagny
Colours and grape varieties Reds only, Pinot Noir
Area in production Assigned :
Commune of Meursault :25 ha including 23 ha classed as 1er cru
Commune of Puligny-Montrachet : 29 ha including 21 ha classed as 1er cru
Total : 54 ha including 44 ha classed as premier cru
Under production : 7.20 ha
Maximum yield per hectare
40 hl
Annual average crop
273 hl (about 136 was 1er Cru)
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Source: BIVB & Pitiot+Servant's The Wines of Burgundy (1999)

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