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Burgundy Reports

By billn on March 27, 2014 #br extra!

A Burgundy Report EXTRA! subscription costs 85 Swiss Francs per year. Subscribe to Burgundy Report See what you’re missing, below… The 2019 Reports: March 2019All Styles:New names from Chablis2017 Beaujolais Blanc & Irancy, screw-caps & more…… Read More

The very big round-up…

By billn on December 17, 2013 #pages

Here’s a compendium of wines, mainly 2011s and virtually all from bottle, mainly tasted with producers. I would have tasted many, many more in March/April but (sadly) had to cancel my visits. You will also see more and more 2012s as we move through into July-November. I’m afraid I still… Read More

last weekend’s bottles…

By billn on October 31, 2013 #degustation

A modest, but very tasty set of wines that accompanied DVDs and popcorn (amongst other choice materials…) It’s nice to reflect on the diversity of wines; here the lovely Passetoutgrains probably cost not much more than 10 Euros, but (on a different price level) last night I was… Read More

lafarge – you can lead a horse to water…

By billn on January 04, 2013 #degustation

But first, happy new year to all of you who accidentally (or otherwise…) end up on these pages. In the spirit of 2013-ness, here is a small collection of New Year ‘cards’ from some people you may know and love – note there were others too, but why would I… Read More

The others tasted…

By billn on December 18, 2012 #pages

No slurping or spitting! This is a compendium of wines that were mainly drunk with food, friends and family, between October 2012 and mid-December 2012 – so as you can imgine, not a massive list as it’s only a few weeks since the last report. I would have liked… Read More

Round-up of wines tasted ‘en-place’

By billn on November 28, 2012 #pages

150 wines for you. d’Ardhuy (Corgoloin) Albert Bichot (Beaune) JC Boisset (Nuits) Simon Bize (Savigny) Camille-Giroud (Beaune) Champy (Beaune) Louis Chenu (Savigny) Dublère (Savigny) Rebourgeon-Mure (Pom.) Seguin-Manuel (Beaune)     The format of the majority of 2011 notes that follow,… Read More

The big round-up

By billn on April 29, 2012 #pages

Here’s a compendium of wines, mainly tasted with producers at the end of March 2012 – almost 200 wines – the bulk are culled from tastings put on for the Grands Jours de Bourgogne which happens every two years. I’ll start with a selection of wines from Beaune, followed by… Read More

Burgundy Report

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