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half a dozen from Martel…

By billn on March 11, 2015 #degustation

Tasted courtesy of Martel of St.Gallen, in the Hotel Schweizerhof, Luzern – 10 March, 2015. Nice location and a brilliant room to taste in. The glasses weren’t the best, they seemed to attenuate the aromas, but overall, nicely done. Here are a few wines that I haven’t tasted… Read More

2013 Petit Chablis – super-gourmand!

By billn on February 18, 2015 #br extra!#pages

Tasted in Chablis, at the BIVB, 6th January 2015. All these wines were tasted blind, to be unmasked at the end of my tasting. In terms of my recommendations below, I’ve chosen to recommend what I consider to be well-balanced, interesting and sometimes exciting wines, but essentially wines… Read More

Bouchard Père et Fils – 2013

By billn on January 27, 2015 #br extra!#pages

Tasted in Beaune with Frédéric Weber, December 4th 2014. Bouchard Père et Fils 15 Rue du Château 21200 Beaune Tel: +33 3 80 24 80 24 It seems that Christophe Bouchard has slowly slipped in to retirement (the end of November) without much comment… Read More

Petit Chablis 2012

By billn on May 27, 2014 #br extra!#pages

Tasted in Chablis 17 April, 2014. More often than not, Petit Chablis is grown on Portlandian rock outside of the old Chablis boundaries, though that doesn’t necessarily mean it is far from much more important vines, the tops of many hills – including Grand Cru hills – are… Read More

GJB: Grand Crus Blind – 2011+2008

By billn on April 27, 2014 #br extra!#pages

Grands Maisons, Grand Crus at the Clos de Vougeot, 20 March, 2014 All of these wines were tasted blind by me. Actually they are presented in the format “Wine 1. Chablis Les Clos” so you know the vineyard but not the producer – though, if there had been a Chablis… Read More

Chablis 2012 – Premier Crus

By billn on April 27, 2014 #br extra!#pages

2012 Chablis 1er Crus, all tasted in Chablis 17th March. The wines are listed in the order of tasting. The overall quality is the best and most consistent that I’ve ever tasted. Many without my extra-special recommendation are also great wines. I like that the wines show an almost phenolic… Read More

The very big round-up…

By billn on December 17, 2013 #pages

Here’s a compendium of wines, mainly 2011s and virtually all from bottle, mainly tasted with producers. I would have tasted many, many more in March/April but (sadly) had to cancel my visits. You will also see more and more 2012s as we move through into July-November. I’m afraid I still… Read More

Burgundy Report

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