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2004 Liger-Belair Thibault Chambolle-Musigny Les Fuées

Wine Note added July 2010

A négoce wine. The last time I had this there was a strong vintage character and here it is today too – a little stronger than the Perrot-Minot, let’s say at a 7/10 intensity. In the mouth there seems to be both a good balance and good freshness, in particular… Read in the Note Finder

Vosne-Romanée: 2007’s in Bottle

By billn on March 27, 2009 #pages#villages#vosne-romanée

This is something of a holy place for wine-lovers around the world. What do these thousands of tourists who travel along the Grands Crus route every year come to see? Romanée-Conti of course! Fewer than 2 hectares of vines produce barely 6,000 – 7,000 bottles of the most prestigious… Read More

Tasting 112×2006 in bottle

By billn on December 08, 2008 #pages

112 wines from the 2006 vintage tasted over 8 days, plus one interloping 2005 – 80% were poured by their makers. Clearly for the vast majority of these I did not drink the whole bottle, otherwise the powers that be would have already rejected the need for a pointless… Read More

2004 à la coccinelle

By billn on December 01, 2008 #pages

I think I was possibly the first to publicly raise and discuss the ‘vintage character’ of 2004 reds – anecdotally whites are also affected – Christophe Roumier is one who says this – but I’ve not experienced any obvious examples, so from here-on, red it is…… Read More

Gevrey-Chambertin: the 2005 grand crus

By billn on February 28, 2008 #gevrey-chambertin

Vienna. It’s only when you look closely at the map that you realise how far east Vienna is; it’s only an hour and a bit on the plane from Zürich, but then that’s an hour east from Paris which is etc., etc.. Vienna also seems underrated as a tourist… Read More

bootcamps and travel

By billn on December 05, 2007 #other sites#travel

I start 8 days of travel today – Holland: mainly Dutch Siberia (Friesland) with a weekend in Amsterdam – if I’m in your environs (during the week) drop me a line at the usual place. I expect only a smattering of posts in that time. I don’t really… Read More

Roundup of Wines Tasted

By billn on November 29, 2007 #asides

No slurping or spitting! This is a compendium of wines that, in the main, were really drunk with food, friends and family between August and November 2007. There main exception in these pages are about 60 2005’s which were tasted at a large gathering in Zürich in November. Only… Read More

58 x 2005’s

By billn on November 29, 2007 #asides

No pretence about making life easy for you – these wines are listed in exactly the order tasted – but there are plenty of big names! They were not drunk at home, nor were many swallowed, but they were all tasted in a 2 hour period together with most of… Read More

Roundup of Wines Tasted

By billn on October 04, 2006 #random

No slurping or spitting! This is a compendium of wines that were (in the main) really drunk with food, friends and family. These wines were mainly drunk at home or at organised dinners between July 2006 – which averaged well over 30°C so plenty of… Read More

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