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The others tasted…

By billn on September 14, 2011 #pages

No slurping or spitting! This is a compendium of wines that were drunk with food, friends and family, between April 2011 and August 2011. Regional Wines (3) Villages Wines (14) Premier Cru Wines (24) Grand Cru Wines (6) REGIONAL WINES 2009 David Clark, Bourgogne Passetoutgrains… Read More

1998 Potel Nicolas Savigny-lès-Beaune Les Serpentières

Wine Note added May 2011

The last bottle from a six-pack – and what a great buy they were. Musky red strawberry and a hint of raspberry – aromatically involving – just lovely. The palate has none of the astringency of some from the vintage, more a melted whole of soft texture and sweet-acid balance. Read in the Note Finder

Roundup of all wines tasted…

By billn on March 21, 2004 #pages

No slurping or spitting! Only the wines tasted in bottle appear here, for barrel samples you need to refer to the original articles:Corkwatch: 1 from 63 = 1.6% REGIONAL WINES 1993 Maison Leroy, Bourgogne Rouge Despite the abuse – as I pressed down my Screwpull, there was a… Read More

1993 Belland Adrien Corton Clos de la Vigne au Saint

Wine Note added February 2004

In the glass – disappointment – there’s good depth to the ruby red colour, which fades to amber, but also a slight cloudiness. On the nose, chocolate, meat and a faint oxidative note. On the palate there’s good acidity and velvety tannins – still with a little dryness, but leaving… Read in the Note Finder

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