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Malandes – 2018

By billn on February 17, 2020

Tasted in Chablis with Guénolé Breteaudeau & Richard Rottiers, 17 January 2020. Domaine des Malandes 11 route d’Auxerre 89800 Chablis Tel. +33 3 86 42 41 37 More reports for Domaine Des Malandes The team on… Read More

2019 Beaujolais Nouveau

By billn on November 13, 2019 #annual laurels#beaujolais

2019 Beaujolais Nouveau
160 wines blind-tasted in Beaujolais, 05 November 2019. Of course, 2019 was another in the series, the trilogy, of warm years - but one with instances of frost. More drastic than the frost was a late-arriving hailstorm that on the 20th of August swept through the south of Beaujolais, cutting yields - in some cases drastically. The average losses were minus 30% - but it was Beaujolais-Villages where the most was lost, hence, the volume of ‘Nouveau de Garde’ has been significantly reduced this year. I've previously laughed out load about the concept of Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau - Nouveau that you can cellar - so I will not bore you about that, not this time! This year I embarked on a 160 wine gamayathon; I was certainly tired at the end, fortunately not emotional though! This year we even had 8 Nouveau of a different colour - rosé... That's up from the 3 from last year that I didn't taste(!) At this rate of growth we will have 20 in 2020! What to expect and what's really worth buying So three quite hot years, generally that's beneficial to the quality, but with three different results: 2017 - low yielding and probably because of that a really high quality in both the Nouveau and the Villages Nouveau 2018 - less low yielding, and that was the crux. Basic Nouveau was much more variable but the Villages Nouveau was more consistent 2019 - because of frost and hail, yields were cut, and for the consumer that has once more brought consistency and quality to the basic Nouveau category due to lower yields. I think only twice did I instantly say 'No!' and run from a particular wine. As for the Villages Nouveau - here was overwhelmingly more concentration and particularly intensity - the intensity of acidity - probably okay if you wish to cellar your Nouveau for 6-12 months, but I was looking for the balance for drinking now, and from this tasting that was relatively rare. As for the rosé wines - super, all of them - really a great source of easy, delicious drinking for the next weeks - or even longer - why not? Read More

Mainly Beaujolais – new names & many magnums

By billn on May 29, 2019

Bien Boire en Beaujolais 2019 afforded me to the opportunity of finding a few (relatively) new names – here are 10 of them. Where possible I mainly tasted their 2017s. The domaines were not all from Beaujolais – truth be told, there’s some very nice Mâconnais domaines too! Plus I… Read More

Malandes – 2017

By billn on January 16, 2019 #br extra!#pages

Tasted in Chablis with Richard Rottiers and Amandine Marchive, 16 January 2019. Guénolé Breteaudeau was on an excursion with some organic viticulteurs… Domaine des Malandes 11 route d’Auxerre 89800 Chablis Tel. +33 3 86 42 41 37 The team on 2018:… Read More

AF Gros – 2016

By billn on June 13, 2018 #br extra!#pages

Tasted in Beaune with Matthias and François Parent, 18 May, 2018. Domaine AF Gros 16 Rue Pierre Joigneaux 21200 Beaune Tel: +33 3 80 24 61 26 The news at this domaine is that they have, together with Richard Rottiers, snapped up some prime… Read More

Malandes – 2016

By billn on January 13, 2018 #br extra!#pages

Tasted in Chablis with Richard Rottiers, Amandine Marchive and Guénolé Breteaudeau, 04 January 2018. Domaine des Malandes 11 route d’Auxerre 89800 Chablis Tel. +33 3 86 42 41 37 Lyne Marchive has decided to take her retirement, spending plenty of time now… Read More

A century of Moulin à Vent

By billn on October 25, 2017 #br extra!#pages

Tasted in the Château Pizay, 12 October 2017. A press trip organised by the producers’ union of Moulin à Vent – a century of wines – that’s 100 wines, not 100 years! Despite my general reservations about ‘press trips’ this was perfectly executed with a small number… Read More

Burgundy Report

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