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Roundup of all wines tasted…

By billn on July 04, 2004 #pages

No slurping and spitting. These wines were predominantly drunk at home with food and friends between February and July 2004. For the first time I’ve tried to bring a semblance of order to these notes, so in each section you will find the producers in alphabetical order!… Read More

2000 Leflaive Puligny-Montrachet

Wine Note added October 2003

Pale gold. Quite an understated nose of white flowers, peach and grapefruit. A more intense fruit experience than Leflaive’s bourgogne, still a little oak and almost good acidity. The finish is longer than the Bourgogne too. For best effect, I’d suggest leaving this for 2 or 3 years while you… Read in the Note Finder

Round-up of wines tasted

By billn on October 21, 2003 #pages

No slurping and spitting; these wines were drunk at home with food and friends between July and November 2003. Corkwatch: 4 from 84 = 4.8% REGIONAL WINES 2000 Joseph Faiveley, Bourgogne Rouge Medium cherry red. The nose is of earthy cooked red cherries against a faintly smokey… Read More

1997 White Burgundy

By billn on October 21, 2003 #pages#vintage appraisal

First of all an apology – a mere 20 whites tasted – I did have another 12 lined up, including some big name premier and grand crus from Domaine Leflaive, however, the mixed dozen were from the same merchant where a couple of the 1997 reds I tested in the… Read More

Not really bourgogne blanc (?)

By billn on July 04, 2003 #pages

In the spring-report we looked at the regional appellation of Bourgogne Rouge and along the way tasted a few bottles. The result from good producers was typically nice drinking and with a little age sometimes very good. Another two very impressive reds from 1997 appear in this issue. Read More

Round-up of all wines

By billn on July 04, 2003 #pages

No slurping and spitting; these wines were drunk at home with food and friends between July and November 2004. I picked up a few regional 2002’s and whilst they weren’t bad, I had expected a little more given the vintage. Corkwatch: 2 from 78 = 2.6% REGIONAL WINES 2000… Read More

2000 Roulot Guy Bourgogne Blanc

Wine Note added June 2003

Pale yellow. The nose is lovely blend of apple and pear. Not quite the intensity of fruit to be found in Leflaive’s Bourgogne, but quite fat and there’s still a lot of material that’s held together with refreshing acidity. Medium length, currently a one-dimensional wine that I’d be tempted to… Read in the Note Finder

lazy boy!

By billn on June 16, 2003 #degustation

A mixture of a dead laptop and finding the time means I’ve been very lazy of recent – at least in terms of adding material to the site – Burgundy Report is ticking along nicely for next months issue though. Anyway a nice dinner on Friday evening and no TN’s… Read More

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