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this week’s, pre-lockdown, 2019 inquisition…

By billn on October 30, 2020 #degustation

A memento of some lovely visits and wines, pre-lockdown. My thanks for all the patience of these producers… (Report coming soon) Alphabetically (not pictorially): Bachelet-Monnot Chevrot Sylvain Dussort Albert Grivault Patrick Javillier Comtes Lafon Dominique Lafon Olivier Leflaive… Read More

2017 – Femmes et Vins

By billn on August 13, 2019

A gathering of a large number of the Femmes et Vins group of producers for their popular Exception’Elles tasting. This time in the Château de Montchat (right) in Lyon. Each of the producers was showing 4 wines, some even finishing with a contribution that was ‘a little’ older! 22 producers… Read More

A Bourgogne Côte d’Or?

By billn on February 28, 2019 #br extra!#pages

I’ve discussed it before, but this is a new label that you might come across for the first time with the 2017 vintage. People have been proposing this label for almost 20 years but now it’s done – and it’s for both the reds and… Read More

old, but not past it* bourgogne blanc

By billn on February 28, 2019 #degustation

*Past it – informal British: Too old to be of any use or any good at anything! But it seems that the ‘good luck lightning‘ can still strike twice in the same place! 1996 Patrick Javillier, Bourgogne Cuvée Forgets A nose of some weight, freshness and faint… Read More

les bunches à la facebooq…

By billn on September 24, 2013 #harvests#vintage 2013

A warm week – it’s started with 22-23° but could be over 30°C by the weekend – but there’s a tricky storm forecast to get through on Thursday… William Fevre will start picking on Thursday, same as many in Cote de Beaune. Other Chablis… Read More

random ruminations

By billn on September 14, 2011 #editorials#pages

There’s a turn-up – the Summer Issue and its still summer! As you will have noted from last summer’s Beaune-fest, the lack of a paying subscriber ‘model’ for Burgundy Report means that I’m as free as a bird to find out about, and write about, whatever comes into my head… Read More

Just so many wines – part 2

By billn on September 14, 2011 #pages

Not quite the blast that was part 1 – just over 90 wines – probably fatigue was starting to set in! Here’s a compendium of wines tasted with producers between the 1st April 2011 and the end of June 2011. They are mainly 2009s – more and more… Read More

decanter and ‘early onset oxidation’…

By billn on July 20, 2011 #other sites#p.ox

I just did something that I haven’t done for years – I bought a copy of Decanter. Intruiged by the summary of their story on the Decanter website I decided to see what passes for cutting-edge wine journalism. First I have to say that the magazine is more impressive than… Read More

arlaud vendanges – the reprise!

By Marko de Morey et de la Vosne on October 20, 2008 #vintage 2008

'Mark de Morey' was eventually found - not at the bottom of the destemmer, rather with a full inbox in his Blackberry - de rigeur for pickers this year you know! Trying to fix both that and his cherished camera slowed him down a little, but unbowed, here's the continuation of his story... vendangeurs arrive – herve checks the register early morning morey dawn 27sept early vendange – bourgogne roncevie by rn74 Domaine Arlaud Diary Monday 29th Sept My notes, now, several days later, tell me we did Morey Les Blanchards premier cru this morning and afternoon we did Morey Les Milandes premier cru although has been suggested we did the latter yesterday – your writer now !! By checking the Morey map in Coates latest tome am sure doing ‘Blanchards’ morning was correct – supported by one or two photos taken, including a couple of my fellow vendangeurs (male) pisse dans les vignes ! Recall the grapes looked very healthy indeed - large pendulous, clean looking, bunches from Milandes. Read More

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