Much as I may wish, no book is perfect. Whether it’s an error small enough that it skips past several eyes, or indeed so big that it was never questioned – in the end the author rightly carries the can.

On this page I will list all the inaccuracies, updates and any relevant news concerning this book. Feel free to offer your own contributions – they will be graciously accepted.


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  • Friday 13th January 2012 – Unlucky for some? – the first confirmed delivery via Amazon ( Thanks!
  • Wednesday 25th JanuaryBook Review #1. Jamie Goode is the first that I’m aware of who has reviewed the book. (Archived)
  • Friday 1st February 2012 – A friendly review of the book at the ‘Rare Drops‘ website. Thanks! (Archived)
  • Thursday 9th February 2012 – The first confirmed US delivery via (different cover version – see image right) Thanks!
  • Monday 27th February 2012Reviewed by Gothic Epicures – 90 points! I’ll drink that…! (Archived)
  • Friday 2nd March 2012 – Kind words en Français from Hervé Lalau – Thanks Hervé! (Archived)
  • Thursday 8th March 2012 – Kind words again in Scottish this time(!) from Tom Cannavan – Thanks Tom! (Archived)
  • Sunday 17th June 2012 – Recommended books in the SF Gate Newspaper / Website by Jon Bonné. Perhaps the space was not available for a clear critique, only ‘my favourite producer is missing’, but of-course he’s right, I’m not Clive Coates 😉 I’m pleased the book passed ‘the test’ to be part of Jon’s selection though. (Archived)
  • Thursday 28th June 2012 – Launch-party for the Japanese translation of the book – in Japan of-course! – I joined ‘only’ via the magic of the web – and for those that would like a laugh, you can now see my contribution to the party – I hope you like my ‘borrowed’ shirt…

    Here’s an image of the book.

  • Thursday 26th July 2012 – A kind review of the book by the Swiss website archived here. (A chance to practice your German…)
  • Friday 3rd August 2012 – The book reviewed by Clive Coates MW.
    If I’m honest, I thought I should put on my shin-pads before reading the review but it seemed that Clive was rather positive, except that, for some reason, he was quite critical of Jon Wyand’s photos – I think he is the only person I know who takes that view. My thanks to Clive for his time and interest. (Archived)
  • Tuesday 16th October 2012 – The book reviewed by Allen Meadows.
    A generous but insightful (I would say that wouldn’t I!(?)) view. (Archived)
Updates So Far…
  • Inside Front CoverBN Dec 2011
    Yes – so soon in the book! And quite the biggest faux-pas! I originally delivered a vintage table ranked from 0 to 3 stars. 5-stars had been the norm in this series of books, but I felt that 0-5 implied a level of confidence that simply was not there from a broader Côte d’Or perspective. The editorial team, as was their role, chose to convert my 0-3 star ratings into 0-5 stars for series consistency. The ‘dust jacket texts’ were the only parts I didn’t see before publishing, if I had I would have noted that the red vintages of 2006 and 1997 were incorrectly transcribed, they were left in their original notation i.e. as I delivered them:
    2006 – 2 from 3 stars became 2 from 5 stars, likewise
    1997 – 1 from 3 stars became 1 from 5 stars.
    The eagle-eyed may also have spotted less fullsome support for 2010 whites in this table than is my current opinion. That was purely a function of timing; copy was finalised in June/July and I still had questions about those whites. Today I would offer 5 stars.
  • Page 52BN Jun 2012
    Hmm a big mistake: “This extra concentration also seems to increase” the likelihood that they will “close down”
  • Page 75Allen Meadows Oct 2012
    Oops: “Echézeaux Grand Cru is as variable as its 10 lieu-dits” Burghound says 11, Jasper Morris agrees!
  • Page 80‘Phil Eaves’ Jan 2012
    As noted in the comments section the white is no longer a blend of 1er and villages grapes – they are now bottled seperately.
  • Page 144BN Jun 2012
    Consistency: For some reason the number acres precedes the (ha)
  • Page 149BN Jan 2012
    Consistency: For some reason the number acres precedes the (ha)
  • Pages 166-167BN Dec 2011
    The picture is captioned (on page 168) as Corton Clos du Roi – it is actually just above the Clos du Roi, situated in Le Corton.
  • Page 220BN Jun 2012
    That should be Domaine du Pavillon, not Clos du Pavillion (which is a wine…)
  • Page 241BN Jan 2012
    The finest wines panel says ‘Pommard Clos des Epenots’ when it should acually say ‘Pommard Les Grands Epenots’ – mea culpa. Much more important (I must have been rushing!), the names of father and son have been transposed: Daniel is the father, David is the son!
  • Page 255BN Jun 2012
    Volnay Clos de la Cave (out of the back door) is actually a villages wine, not a 1er cru.
  • Page 280Clive Coates Aug 2012
    A clear mistake. “In 1990, Anne-Claude Leflaive and her cousin Vincent Leflaive…” of-course, that should read ‘Olivier Leflaive’ not Vincent (her father)…

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