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The Finest Wines of Burgundy – Latest News…

Much as I may wish, no book is perfect. Whether it’s an error small enough that it skips past several eyes, or indeed so big that it was never questioned – in the end the author rightly carries the can.

On this page I will list all the inaccuracies, updates and any relevant news concerning this book. Feel free to offer your own contributions – they will be graciously accepted.


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  • Friday 13th January 2012 – Unlucky for some? – the first confirmed delivery via Amazon (.co.uk). Thanks!
  • Wednesday 25th JanuaryBook Review #1. Jamie Goode is the first that I’m aware of who has reviewed the book. (Archived)
  • Friday 1st February 2012 – A friendly review of the book at the ‘Rare Drops‘ website. Thanks! (Archived)
  • Thursday 9th February 2012 – The first confirmed US delivery via Amazon.com (different cover version – see image right) Thanks!
  • Monday 27th February 2012Reviewed by Gothic Epicures – 90 points! I’ll drink that…! (Archived)
  • Friday 2nd March 2012 – Kind words en Français from Hervé Lalau – Thanks Hervé! (Archived)
  • Thursday 8th March 2012 – Kind words again in Scottish this time(!) from Tom Cannavan – Thanks Tom! (Archived)
  • Sunday 17th June 2012 – Recommended books in the SF Gate Newspaper / Website by Jon Bonné. Perhaps the space was not available for a clear critique, only ‘my favourite producer is missing’, but of-course he’s right, I’m not Clive Coates 😉 I’m pleased the book passed ‘the test’ to be part of Jon’s selection though. (Archived)
  • Thursday 28th June 2012 – Launch-party for the Japanese translation of the book – in Japan of-course! – I joined ‘only’ via the magic of the web – and for those that would like a laugh, you can now see my contribution to the party – I hope you like my ‘borrowed’ shirt…

    Here’s an image of the book.

  • Thursday 26th July 2012 – A kind review of the book by the Swiss website www.vinifera-mundi.ch archived here. (A chance to practice your German…)
  • Friday 3rd August 2012 – The book reviewed by Clive Coates MW.
    If I’m honest, I thought I should put on my shin-pads before reading the review but it seemed that Clive was rather positive, except that, for some reason, he was quite critical of Jon Wyand’s photos – I think he is the only person I know who takes that view. My thanks to Clive for his time and interest. (Archived)
  • Tuesday 16th October 2012 – The book reviewed by Allen Meadows.
    A generous but insightful (I would say that wouldn’t I!(?)) view. (Archived)
Updates So Far…
  • Inside Front CoverBN Dec 2011
    Yes – so soon in the book! And quite the biggest faux-pas! I originally delivered a vintage table ranked from 0 to 3 stars. 5-stars had been the norm in this series of books, but I felt that 0-5 implied a level of confidence that simply was not there from a broader Côte d’Or perspective. The editorial team, as was their role, chose to convert my 0-3 star ratings into 0-5 stars for series consistency. The ‘dust jacket texts’ were the only parts I didn’t see before publishing, if I had I would have noted that the red vintages of 2006 and 1997 were incorrectly transcribed, they were left in their original notation i.e. as I delivered them:
    2006 – 2 from 3 stars became 2 from 5 stars, likewise
    1997 – 1 from 3 stars became 1 from 5 stars.
    The eagle-eyed may also have spotted less fullsome support for 2010 whites in this table than is my current opinion. That was purely a function of timing; copy was finalised in June/July and I still had questions about those whites. Today I would offer 5 stars.
  • Page 52BN Jun 2012
    Hmm a big mistake: “This extra concentration also seems to increase” the likelihood that they will “close down”
  • Page 75Allen Meadows Oct 2012
    Oops: “Echézeaux Grand Cru is as variable as its 10 lieu-dits” Burghound says 11, Jasper Morris agrees!
  • Page 80‘Phil Eaves’ Jan 2012
    As noted in the comments section the white is no longer a blend of 1er and villages grapes – they are now bottled seperately.
  • Page 144BN Jun 2012
    Consistency: For some reason the number acres precedes the (ha)
  • Page 149BN Jan 2012
    Consistency: For some reason the number acres precedes the (ha)
  • Pages 166-167BN Dec 2011
    The picture is captioned (on page 168) as Corton Clos du Roi – it is actually just above the Clos du Roi, situated in Le Corton.
  • Page 220BN Jun 2012
    That should be Domaine du Pavillon, not Clos du Pavillion (which is a wine…)
  • Page 241BN Jan 2012
    The finest wines panel says ‘Pommard Clos des Epenots’ when it should acually say ‘Pommard Les Grands Epenots’ – mea culpa. Much more important (I must have been rushing!), the names of father and son have been transposed: Daniel is the father, David is the son!
  • Page 255BN Jun 2012
    Volnay Clos de la Cave (out of the back door) is actually a villages wine, not a 1er cru.
  • Page 280Clive Coates Aug 2012
    A clear mistake. “In 1990, Anne-Claude Leflaive and her cousin Vincent Leflaive…” of-course, that should read ‘Olivier Leflaive’ not Vincent (her father)…

11 responses to “The Finest Wines of Burgundy – Latest News…”

  1. Phil Eaves

    Hi Bill, as per my previous post and our conversations you know that my interest, apart from the drinking of course, is in all things “vineyard” and delving a little deeper I came upon some points of discussion that perhaps we can explore.
    page 80/. Dominode is part of Jarrons not Haut Jarrons but you have corrected this by the time we get to page 171?
    page 103/. Naddef has a Petits Cazetiers is this correct I have enjoyed this wine for years but understood it to be 0.33ha from Cazetiers proper?
    page 137/. Bertagna 1er white although they certainly did issue this from a mix of Cras & Petit Vougeot the last time I asked they now issue a 1er Les Cras (I have some) and a village white from both 1er and village Petit Vougeot.
    page 241/. Rebourgen Mure a typo here I think, Clos des Epenots surely a Clos des Arvelets?
    page 248/. A little known fact the Clos des Angles of this Domaine comes from Pointes d’Angles the only time you can try this vineyard solo.
    page 249/. Rossignol I mention this not because you do not but because of the Clos des Angles above, the Rossignol version comes from Les Angles one name two points of origin Burgundy is so curious.
    page 288/. Pernot Teurons is a Clos des Teurons yummy!
    page 303/. Forgive me going over old ground with this Bill, but after visiting the Domaine du Duc de Magenta I confirmed they own the total premier cru -(lieu-dit) La Chapelle, they sell 50% to Jadot who issue a Clos de la Chapelle premier cru red and white with a monopole label, the remaining 50% is issued by Duc de Magenta as premier cru Abbaye de Morgeot red and white no monopole label. One vineyard two labels.

    Well I hope this hasn’t bored the pants of you and welcome your thoughts.

    cheers Phil

  2. Phil Eaves

    Bill thats quick!

    page 80/. just looked on Clair www. and he does say from Hauts – this would be very intersting look forward to your update.
    page 103/. I checked my records for ownership and it would appear not possible for him to own a third of a hectare in Petits but the way these guys trade vineyards anything is possible.
    page 241/. Clos des Arvelets you mention in the main text not the recomended wine section, I have this wine very good!
    page 248/. G.d’A implied it was as his new plot was in the same vineyard- worth a check though.
    page 288/. Started in 2003 or 4 I believe, incidently Jadot have started to Domaine label the Gagey Teurons as Clos also.


  3. Phil Eaves

    Hi Bill, I think I have to apologise on the Clair Dominode issue, having done a rough calculation of known owners, excluding Clair, it totals some 6.75ha with Pitiot & Poupon and Morris listing the size as 6.72 ha its near enough to say that any additional vines must be situated outside of Jarrons so a Clair holding of 1.71ha in Hauts Jarrons looks more likely than I first assumed. The Clair figures are taken from their www as 1.1ha declared as Dominode plus another 0.6138ha in Dominode but only declared as 1er sans climat. I have asked Isabelle Clair for a comment but no answer as yet. Its also worth noting that Coates and Fromont both quote Dominode as being 7.8ha which would also support the Hauts Jarrons.
    Yet another update for my tabulations!

    cheers Phil

  4. Phil Eaves

    Bill another snippet page 197 Chapuis, in the finest wine section you list them as the only source of Corton Languettes, I believe Rene Lequin-Colin of Santenay still list a red?


  5. richard jacobs

    Hi Bill

    the book sounds really good – are there detailed vineyard maps for the villages? the ones you kindly offer on the website are nice but it would be good if the equivalent are in the book?


  6. richard jacobs

    thanks Bill


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