Hospices de Beaune

2009 Hospices de Beaune Meursault Charmes

By billn on May 06, 2012

Cuvée Albert Grivault (Maison Drouhin)
Pale golden. A nose of depth, plenty of patisserie too. Slides across the tongue in a silky fashion with very understated acidity, but far from MIA. There is some extract in the mid-palate but it is a ‘slow grower’ rather than a wine of fireworks – seemingly the apogee of flavour is in the finish as the wine continues to widen. As noted, no fireworks, rather a wine for contemplation – and I did contemplate all of it!

1996 Hospices de Beaune Corton Charlotte Dumay

By on December 01, 2009 #asides

Still medium-plus colour, but it’s all a garnet-red now. The nose has a little marmite, brown sugar and just a little dried brown leaves. There wine is clearly based on it’s acidity, but a sweetness runs through its core, and boy, does that sweetness last – impressive length. The flavour is a little ‘beefier’ than I’d prefer, perhaps with a faint oxidation too, but the faintly grained tannin is 100% ripe and fading. Enjoyed, but I’m not sure about that oxidative flavour, without would have been an easy ‘rebuy’…

1998 Hospices de Beaune Corton-Charlemagne

By on April 01, 2008 #asides

Cuvée François de Salins, Maison Paul Reitz. The colour is already a little concerning – a deep, burnished golden – fortunately the aromas have only the barest suggestion of anything oxidative, mainly showcasing a deep core of mature fruit edged with a trace of toffee. The palate is balanced, showing a waxy-smooth texture and a very nice length, redolent of the toffee on the nose. I think this is ready right now and will only decline from here. Very enjoyable – tinged with buyer’s regret as I only bought one!

1996 Hospices de Beaune Beaune Cuvée Nicolas Rolin

By on August 01, 2007 #asides

A Chanson Père bottling. Medium-plus colour. The nose is deep and forward but throughout most of our time together it was always a little uncouth – there was finally a pretty red fruit note to save it. The palate is much better; density, very good acidity, background tannin and rather long – though like many from 96 the flavour profile is just a little metallic. Quite tasty but I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy more.

1996 Hospices de Beaune Corton Charlotte Dumay

By on April 01, 2007 #asides

Classic 1996 Corton. The nose is of blood and iron, eventually red berry fruit from the partially drained glass. The palate is linear and intense – almost metallic acidity pushes you into a quite long finish. The only thing that this wine gives away is the free polish of your teeth. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s enjoyable right now – but I was (just about) up to the challenge!

2000 Hospices de Beaune Beaune Gigione de Salins

By on July 01, 2005 #asides

Reserve of the Hospices. Medium, young colour. The nose jumps out of the glass with very bright and red-fruity notes, then after a time closes a little. The palate shows sweet, ripe fruit. There’s a nice character to this wine, a little ‘tender’, not high acidity for sure, but still mouthwatering. The tannins are in the background with just a little grain. Medium-plus length – a tasty and well mannered wine, particularly for 2000 Côte de Beaune.

1997 Hospices de Beaune Beaune Cuvée Dames Hospitalières

By on November 01, 2003 #asides

(Bouchard Père) Deep ruby colour with no obvious aging. Lovely rich nose of high toned black cherry underpinned by a trace of oak, develops a little blood-orange and coffee with time. Lovely mouthfeel with silky drying tannins and excellent acidity. There’s good concentration of black cherry which lingers in a very satisfying way. This is a wine that you can drink much faster than you should. Perfectly balanced to age but very satisfying today – very impressive.

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