The hot and the cold of it!

With a couple of 1930s vintages thrown in for the hell of it, otherwise, from a collection of data-points from Dijon*, starting in 1973. Below, you can find a Top 30 in 6 different categories – 3 for the cold and 3 for the heat.

Of course, there is some modest interest in the colder records, but for myself, it is the warmer records that are more interesting as they offer an insight into the actual growing seasons of specific vintages. They would be even more interesting if I could source equivalent ‘growing season’ rainfall – but for the moment that’s not possible.

It’s a shame that we lack data for 1945, and even more so, 1947, but what’s striking is that the majority of the hottest days on record are still from 2003 – maybe 1947 would have offered some competition! The last three years – 2020-2018 are the three hottest vintages. All of the top 10 hottest vintages are post-2000 with 1994 being the first pre-2000 vintage in our list – in 12th position! Even 2014, which I consider being the last of the classic red vintages – ie not super-sweet – is the 6th hottest year in our list!

In the history of the Côte d’Or there have been instances of mini Ice-Ages, today we are clearly experiencing the opposite. Make of the numbers what you will…

Cote dOr - hot and cold records
Updated 20-April 2021, to include data for 2020 – the new champion of heat.
NB: The average temperatures (both months and years) for cold are the average night-time temperatures. Likewise for the heat they are the average daytime temperatures

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