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CategoryCommunal/Village appellation since 08/12/1936.
A tiny appellation, due to the majority of the village’s vineyard surface being assigned as Clos de Vougeot grand cru. An update on 14/10/1943 allowed the Vougeot 1er Cru label for wines of the Clos de Vougeot that had not fulfilled the production requirements to be classed as Clos de Vougeot Grand Cru. Wines from this appellation can also claim the apellation of Bourgogne Côte d’Or, Bourgogne.
This appellation includes the premier cru climats shown below:
Commune(s) of productionCôe d’Or; Vougeot
– for premier cru climats this appellation may be followed either by the words Premier Cru, or by the name of the climat of origin, or both
– for climats not classed as premier cru by the name of the climat alone.
Climats classed as premier cruClos Blanc, Clos de la Perrière, Le Clos Blanc, Les Cras, Les Petits Vougeots
Colours and grape varietiesRed: pinot noir. Allowed ‘accessory’ varieties: (15% maximum) chardonnay, pinot blanc or pinot gris
No Rosé
White: chardonnay and/or pinot blanc
Area in productionAssigned:
14.9 ha, red and white, of which 11.68 ha are classed Premier Cru.
Maximum yield per hectareRed Villages – 50 hl/ha
Red Premier Cru – 40 hl/ha
White Villages– 57 hl/ha
White Premier Cru– 45hl/ha
2018 CropRed Villages: 63 hectolitres
White villages: 46 hectolitres
Red Premier Cru: 376 hectolitres
White Premier Cru: 201 hectolitres
1 hectolitre (hl) = 100 litres = 133 bottles
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Source: BIVB

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