CategoryRegional appellation since 31/07/1937 for Mâcon
These are additional geographical precisions which may be added to the regional (generic) appellation of “Mâcon.” Since the 2005 decree, the name of Mâcon followed by a village precision designates (mainly) white wines from the area demarcated within the municipality of that precision.
Commune(s) of productionSaône et Loire
27 Allowed Geographic PrecisionsAzé, Bray, Burgy, Bussières, Chaintré, Chardonnay, Charnay-lès-Mâcon, Cruzille, Davayé, Fuissé, Igé, Lugny, Loché, Mancey, Milly-Lamartine, Montbellet, Péronne, Pierreclos, Prissé, La Roche-Vineuse, Serrières, Solutré-Pouilly, Saint-Gengoux-le-National, Uchizy, Vergisson, Verzé, Vinzelles
Colours and grape varietiesWhite only for Fuissé, Loché, Montbellet, Solutré-Pouilly, Uchizy, Vergisson, Vinzelles. Otherwise:
Red: Gamay or pinot noir
Rosé: Gamay or pinot noir
White: Chardonnay
Area in production1377 ha of white only
197 ha of red & rosé
Maximum yield per hectareWhite – 66 hl/ha
Red & rosé – 58 hl/ha
2018 CropWhite: 106,805 hectolitres
Red: 7,426 hectolitres
Rosé: 165 hectolitres
1 hectolitre (hl) = 100 litres = 133 bottles
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Source: BIVB

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