MapGrands & Echézeaux
CategoryGrand Cru appellation since 31/07/1937.
Wines from this appellation can also claim the apellations of Vosne-Romanée 1er Cru, Vosne-Romanée, Bourgogne Côte d’Or, Bourgogne.
Commune(s) of productionCôte d’Or, Flagey-Echézeaux:
Alternative spellings of Echezeaux, Échézeaux and Échezeaux. There is only one climat – Grands-Echézeaux
Climats classed as premier cruNone
Colours and grape varietiesRed only: pinot noir. Allowed ‘accessory’ varieties: (15% maximum) chardonnay, pinot blanc, pinot gris
Area in productionAssigned: 9.14 ha
Maximum yield per hectareRed – 42 hl/ha
2018 CropRed: 301 hectolitres
1 hectolitre (hl) = 100 litres = 133 bottles
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Source: BIVB

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