CategoryCommunal/Village appellation since 11/09/1936.
Wines from this appellation can also claim the apellation of Bourgogne Côte d’Or or Bourgogne.
This appellation includes the premier cru climats shown below:
Commune(s) of productionCôte d’Or: Chambolle-Musigny
For premier cru climats this appellation may be followed either by the words Premier Cru, or by the name of the climat of origin, or both
– for climats not classed as premier cru by the name of the climat alone.
Climats classed as premier cru
(many only partly)
24 climats:
Aux Beaux Bruns in part (1.54 ha), Aux Combottes in part (0.83 ha), Aux Echanges in part (0.93 ha), Derrière la Grange (0.47 ha), La Combe d’Orveau* in part (2.38 ha), Les Amoureuses (5.4 ha), Les Baudes (3.42 ha), Les Borniques (1.43 ha), Les Carrières in part (0.53 ha), Les Chabiots (1.5 ha), Les Charmes (9.32 ha), Les Chatelots (2.96 ha), Les Combottes in part (1.55 ha), Les Cras in part (3.45 ha), Les Feusselottes in part (4.4 ha), Les Fuées in part (4.38), Les Groseilles in part (1.34), Les Gruenchers in part (2.82 ha), Les Hauts-Doix (1.74 ha), Les Lavrottes (0.92 ha), Les Noirots (2.85 ha), Les Plantes (2.57 ha), Les Sentiers (4.89 ha), Les Véroilles in part (0.6 ha)

*This climate has four sections, each of which belonging to a different level of appellation: Bourgogne (2 hectares), Chambolle-Musigny (2 hectares), Chambolle-Musigny premier cru (2.38 hectares) and Musigny (0.77 hectare) – it’s the only one in Burgundy!
Villages ‘Lieux-Dits’ allowed on labelsAux Croix, Derrière le Four, La Combe d’Orveau, La Taupe, Le Village, Les Argillières, Les Athets, Les Babillères, Les Barottes, Les Bas Doix, Les Bussières, Les Chardannes, Les Clos, Les Clos de l’Orme, Les Condemennes, Les Cras, Les Creux Baissants, Les Danguerrins, Les Drazey, Les Echezeaux, Les Fouchères, Les Fremières, Les Gamaires, Les Guérippes, Les Herbues, Les Jutruots, Les Mal Carrées, Les Maladières, Les Mombies, Les Nazoires, Les Pas de Chat, Les Porlottes, Les Sordes,
Colours and grape varietiesRed: pinot noir. Allowed ‘accessory’ varieties: (15% maximum) chardonnay, pinot blanc or pinot gris
Area in production173.03 ha, red only, of which 61.38 ha are classed Premier Cru.
Maximum yield per hectareRed Villages – 50 hl/ha
Red Premier Cru – 48 hl/ha
2018 CropRed Villages: 4,276 hectolitres
Red Premier Cru: 2,575 hectolitres
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Source: BIVB

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