CategoryRegional appellation since 14/10/1943
The appellations Bourgogne Clairet and Bourgogne Rosé (which are interchangeable) are reserved for wines grown in the area of the Bourgogne appellation and follow the same rules as the red wines of this appellation. The appellation of Bourgogne Clairet de Marsannay was rescinded when the communal appellation of Marsannay and Marsannay Rosé came into existence 19/05/1987.
Commune(s) of production384 communes:
Department of Yonne : 54 communes
Department of Côte d’Or : 91 communes
Department of Saône et Loire : 154 communes
Department of Rhône : 85 communes
Climats classed as premier cru:None
Colours and grape varietiesRosés: Principal grape varieties: Pinot noir and Pinot gris. ‘Accessory varieties (15% maximum): Chardonnay & Pinot Blanc. César is not allowed to be more than 49% of the blend, though only a maximum 10% in the département of the Yonne – which is the only place it’s planted!
Potential area of production49,500 hectares
Maximum yield per hectareRosés 60 hl
Annual average crop5 year averages (2008-2012):
Rosé 3,665 hectolitres
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Source: BIVB

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