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07. The map resource

Other than drinking and discussing the wines, there’s nothing so valuable as looking at maps to try and find that elusive vineyard. Perhaps it is only Piedmont that comes close to to the diversity of vineyards found in the Côte d’Or. With the exception of the map of Volnay, courtesy and copyright of Kobrand Education this table is a super ‘cartographical resource’ for which I offer them and the artist Michael Juhn many thanks.

The maps are in PDF format, and most are less than 100kb in size – and YES – I know that there are lots of mistakes – but they were given free:

Aloxe Auxey Beaune Chambolle Chassagne
Flagey Gevrey Marsannay Meursault Morey
Nuits Pernand Pommard Puligny Santenay
Savigny Volnay Vosne Vougeot  

Linked with their ownership of Louis Jadot, Kobrand also offer here a rather nice webpage that allows you to navigate through maps of the Côte d’Or.

  • Here’s a more in-depth look at the Clos de Vougeot (80kb).
  • An 1890 map of the Musigny vineyard and it’s ownership (100kb).
  • Burgundy 1640. You need to look in the top left hand corner for ‘Nuis’ (850kb).

And Beaujolais?

These maps were newly minted at the end of 2015 and are offered here courtesy, and with the permission of, Inter Beaujolais who are the copyright holders.

Note that the files can be between 9 and 16 megabytes – they will not download in ‘flash:’

21 responses to “07. The map resource”

  1. Mike de Lange


    I have one word: Volnay! Why is it that Kobrand and indeed most other resources have no map of this wonderful village? There is one at http://www.bivb.com, but it isn’t very detailed…

  2. Cristina

    Hello Bill,

    Did you notice that the colours of the maps do not correspond to the legend?
    I wanted to use some of the maps but I have to copy them into paint and repaint them.



  3. Ted

    GREAT Resource….

    Thanks for the time it took to put this together!

  4. Antoine

    Where is Premeaux? A significant amount of Nuits St georges seem to be missing (clos de la Marechale…) or have I missed something?

  5. volnay – finally on the map!

    […] these pages, the ‘Map Resource‘ is one of most people’s favourite stopping-off points. It’s far from perfect […]

  6. Georges

    About : Gevrey-Chambertin map

    Legend is wrong :
    Gevrey-Chambertin Grand cru must be Gevrey-Chambertin

    Gevrey-Chambertin must be Gevrey-Chambertin Grand-Cru

  7. Julian

    There is a selection of maps as PDFs on the Official ‘Burgundy Wines’ website which I find useful- although still no Premeaux that I can see, Volnay is available.

    The title page can be found here:

  8. Florence Kennel

    Another useful resource : http://www.geoportail.fr. Type in for instance “vosne-romanée”, and then chhose among different “couches” (layers) :
    – “IGN” is a helpful one if you want to plan a bike ride in the vineyards, or check the altitudes, or the name of a river, etc.
    – “geologie” is based on a larger scale, but quite useful as well, for instance if you’re pervert enough to check whether this Chablis is on kimmeridigian, or portlandian (as it should NOT be).
    – “Cassini layer” is fun too since it provides maps from the XVIIIth or XIXth century.
    – “cadastre” is : who owns what ? No name given online but you see the size of the properties.
    Personnaly, I find it interesting to combine IGN + cadastre in order to check the real exposition of a terroir.
    it’s free, enjoy !

  9. Florence Kennel

    Addendum to my latest post : another useful resource : Maison Bouchard Père et Fils has designed a nice Google Earth map of their numerous properties, to be used at http://www.bouchard-pereetfils.com/google/domaine_fr.php.
    Since they’ve identified their own vineyards (mostly in Côte de Beaune of course), it’s a good way of having a 3-D vision, for instance, of the Corton hill and their own Corton vineyard.
    In the same range of 3D animation, La Chablisienne has also, for Chablis, a nice and short movie to be seen on their website. It is commercially oriented but that allows viewers to get a good glimpse of the Chablis subtleties regarding Northern orientations, for instance !

  10. Øyvind Hellesnes

    Thank you for a very good and informative site on my favourite wine region. Looking through your very good maps, I can’t help thinking that the map of Gevery-Chambertine must have some sort of mix-up in the colour coding. Generic Gevrey and Grand Cru must have been mixed up.

    Kind regards,


  11. 2006 Mongeard-Mugneret Pernand-Vergelesses 1er Cru Les Vergelesses | Burgundy Notes

    […] are some useful tools to study the geography of villages in Burgundy. Burgundy Report has a great map resource that outlines vineyards in the major Cote d’Or villages. The maps also have contour lines […]

  12. Chris Payne

    We are in Beaune this week, arranging biking expeditions. These maps are a great help. Thank you!

  13. David Bennett

    Bill, Just noticed on the Gevry Map that the legend is back to front, Ie the GCs are labelled as Village…thought you might like to know and amend. 🙂

  14. John Duffy

    i love the maps, but in Gevrey i think teh coding might be off. It shows GC as lime green, as opposed to the purple. The whole site is great.

  15. Stuart

    Hi bill, great website with lots of excellent information. Just looking through the maps of the villages and noted that the chassagne Montrachet key is mixed with grand and premier cru. The key says grand cru is purple when on the map it is orange/ beige. Just thought you might want to know but as I said excellent website, we have a house in meursault and visit most months, fantastic place to live!!

    Best Stuart

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