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2009 Vougeraie, Vougeot Clos Blanc de VougeotMar. 2011
The aromas are not so deep but show an engaging width. Concentrated with good underlying acidity, this is rich – but not in any negative sense. Lovely length – super.
2007 Vougeraie, Vougeot Clos Blanc de VougeotApr. 2010
There is both depth and concentration to the nose. In the mouth there is a width of ripe fruit that is suffused by mineral flavours and real dimensions of complexity as it heads into, and onto the finish. Hmm – I’m in love for the first time today!
1919 Regnier Jules, Vougeot Clos Blanc de VougeotDec. 2008
Jules Regnier was a Dijon-based merchant, interesting then that there is some mainly illegible text referring to Vosne-Romanée on the label! Medium-pale amber colour. Depth and width to the aromas – mainly that wet wool / lanolin that you get with old whites over a creamy base, occasional meaty elements and a faint volatile lift. It’s intense and super despite the occasional hint of mustiness, but a quick swirl and that dissipates. The leading edge of the acidity has a slight tartness which over time became more obvious. Neither the nose nor the flavours show any oxidative notes – what an achievement! – and the wine offers a wonderful creamy length. You occasionally taste that musty element, but not with every sip. Despite a less than perfect wine, this is a stunning experience in a glass.
2004 Vougeraie, Vougeot Clos Blanc de VougeotMar. 2006
The nose is a little tight – just a trace of anise. Good fat similar balancing acidity to the Beaune blanc – but finer. Concentrated but much more linear than the Beaune – presents itself very differently. Wait 2 years before thinking about drinking…
2003 Vougeraie, Vougeot Clos Blanc de VougeotMar. 2006
Rich and ripe with apparently good acidity – but just a little harshness – this was quite a late bottling despite a quick malo. For my palate, disappointing, even for an 03.
2002 Vougeraie, Vougeot Clos Blanc de VougeotMar. 2006
Nice, understated and wide nose. Lovely balance, elegant but not blowsy, oppullant but mineral. Very successful, a lovely wine.
2001 Vougeraie, Vougeot Clos Blanc de VougeotMar. 2006
There’s a touch of honey on the nose, faint melon too. The palate is a little shy and and understated – but it’s finely constructed – long and complex with good minerality. This is a young but super wine, really fine.
2000 Vougeraie, Vougeot Clos Blanc de VougeotMar. 2006
The nose is reminiscent of the 2001 with its faint touch of honey. The palate, likewise, has really good acidity and fine depth. Only the texture is a little disappointing vs the super 2001, but for all that, this is a very nice wine.
1999 Vougeraie, Vougeot Clos Blanc de VougeotMar. 2006
The only wine from this vertical that betrays a little oak on the nose, no honey notes to spot this time. Fresh, interesting but not quite the depth and length of the 2000-02 trio. Pleasant enough wine.
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