Why Big Red Diary?
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2007 Grivot Jean, Vosne-Romanée BossièresApr. 2009
A good, quite transparent melange of red and black fruits. Seems less obviously ripe and sweet versus most wines – a hint of licorice and good ripe tannin. Plenty of structure though nothing obviously out of place.
1995 Grivot Jean, Vosne-Romanée BossièresAug. 2007
Medium garnet red colour. The nose started with a transient whiff of oak before settling into a wide, high-toned and faintly estery and sweet vista. The palate is soft until you reach the (still) forward tannin on the backend. Good mouth-watering acidity and reasonable length. Versus the last showing I find the aromatics less interesting but the palate is much more mature. No rush but this is coming closer to maturity.
1999 Grivot Jean, Vosne-Romanée BossièresJul. 2006
Deep ruby colour with a browner caste. The nose has a beefy depth and starts heavily, slowly giving up higher, more herby notes and guarded black cherry. The palate is loaded with soft tannin, concentration that builds into the finish and, overall, seems quite balanced. The acidity seems on a lowish level but that’s partly because of the strength of the fruity extract, but lingers well in the finish. What’s missing just now is a measure of elegance – perhaps it will come with age – I won’t open another in the next 5 years.
1998 Grivot Jean, Vosne-Romanée BossièresJul. 2006
Medium-plus ruby colour. The nose is sharper and more focused than that of the 99, higher toned with a little cedar. Still drying tannin, but not with the volume of my last tasting about 3 years ago. Fresher, perhaps less concentrated but with good length. This is a better drink today than the 99, the extra density of the latter will probably give it a longer, if not more interesting, life.
1995 Grivot Jean, Vosne-Romanée BossièresMar. 2006
Medium-plus blood-red. The nose has a wide and interesting blend of high tones and panoramic red fruit plus cranberry – just a little mint at the start and eventually a little licorice. Still plenty of grainy tannin that clings to the inside of your mouth. Good fruit and, again, just a little licorice. Showing very well right now, and that’s good thing too as my last two bottles were both corked.
1995 Grivot Jean, Vosne-Romanée BossièresJul. 2005
First bottle corked. Bottle two is similarly deep coloured, almost saturated ruby at the core. A meaty and concentrated nose, just a hint of vegetation together with a mineral, pencil-lead aspect. Concentrated, deep and smooth – or at least until it gets into the finish where the grainy, dry tannins still dominate. This wine manages to produce a mouth-watering finish that’s both deep and a little creamy. A big wine that currently has more in common with the Rhône than Vosne but one that still needs 3 or 4 years.
1999 Grivot Jean, Vosne-Romanée BossièresNov. 2004
Medium plus ruby colour. Starting with plenty of woodspice, you need plenty of aeration to get more fruit, still a little spice and plummy almost porty fruit. There are tannins, but well controlled and quite velvetty. The acidity nicely prolongs the finish of the black shaded fruit. This wine is currently about concentrated, one-dimensional fruit. Again I have a couple of bottles for the future which will hopefully show a little more interest and complexity once I get round to them.
1998 Grivot Jean, Vosne-Romanée BossièresJul. 2004
The colour is pretty deep, still a little cherry colour at the rim. The nose is starting to show some development – lots of interest here – deep black cherry, just a little cooked and spicy plum fruit, eventually you can find a little raspberry fruit too. The palate has plenty of tannin, but very much in the Grivot style i.e. quite extracted but not too grainy. Good fruit with reasonable espresso-style length and just right acidity. Much more interesting than the 1997 non – Bossières villages.
1995 Grivot Jean, Vosne-Romanée BossièresDec. 2002
Medium/full ruby colour. Nose is incisive red berries at the top end with faint plum lower down. Palate is quite fat with a surprising amount of tannin, though quite smooth. When last tasted 18 months ago I thought the acidity a little over the top – now less so. Deeply extracted red cherries on the tongue and quite long too. Still a baby. Excellent villages.
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