Why Big Red Diary?
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2009 Angerville Marquis d', Volnay TaillepiedsMay. 2011
The nose is a little tighter here but shows a subtle floral aromatic. In the mouth this is fuller though also with a good mineral base – once-more with a lovely lift of flavour in the mid-palate. Lovely.
2008 Dublère, Volnay TaillepiedsJul. 2010
A new wine in 2008. Deeper, denser dark red fruits rounded with some higher tones. There is lovely width and depth here and a good expansion in the mid-palate.
2008 Roche de Bellene, Volnay TaillepiedsJul. 2010
The depth of aroma is super. Like the previous wines, the velvet tannin is just ahead of the fruit, but yet again lovely fruit it is.
2006 Giroud Camille, Volnay TaillepiedsApr. 2009
Medium, medium-plus color. Initially a tight nose; floral high-tones and a darker oak base but for quite some time there is little more – patience raises a faint caramel impression as the barrel notes subside. In the mouth this is a little plump and furry from the ripe tannins and slides into a very long finish but one that’s currently dominated by oak. The concentration seems ample from the tight red fruit and though the acidity seems very understated you don’t really miss it until, perhaps, the finish. As it slowly opens and ’rounds’ in the glass the apparent concentration is similar to the 2005 but the delivery differs; this is up-front concentration that fades through the mid-palate, whereas the 2005 builds into the mid-palate and currently shows more layers. Day 2 this shows a little more rustic and behind the delivery of (for instance) the Pavillon Santenots at the same stage.
2005 Giroud Camille, Volnay TaillepiedsApr. 2009
The colour is only a little more intense. The nose, however, is much more open – at least at the top-end with red fruit liqueur – below is a begrudging concentration of tight red notes, but there are occasional flashes of brilliantly pure red cherry. In the mouth this is plush, rather than plump – the still understated yet better balancing acidity seems to make the difference – much finer tannin than the 2006 and super intensity with several dimensions in the mid-palate. This shows a similar length to the 2006 but the oak has faded and you have a largely fruit-driven impression. If the 2006 is a fine 1er, then this vintage is by comparison a grand cru – what a shame that when I bought the last bottles at the domaine, there were only 3… – A superb Volnay.
2006 Bouchard Père et Fils, Volnay TaillepiedsApr. 2008
The nose goes a little deeper than the Fremiets with darker shaded fruit. There are still plenty of tannins, a little astringent but also a little finer. More flavourful and with a little more dimension of higher-toned fruit on the palate.
2006 de Montille, Volnay TaillepiedsApr. 2008
a shade darker than the Mitans and with high-toned aromatics. The tannin has a little more grain and the fruit is quite linear until it reaches the finish where it finally amplifies and widens.
2002 Angerville Marquis d', Volnay TaillepiedsApr. 2007
(From magnum) Medium, medium-plus cherry red. The nose starts in a very mineral way with hints of cedar eventually giving way to red berries and a slow build-up of coffee. The concentrated palate bursts with explosive red fruits and plenty of grainy tannin – but there’s no hint of astringency – the acidity pulling you into a long finish that has a rather darker fruit complexion. Very accomplished and very tasty.
1992 de Montille (Hubert), Volnay TaillepiedsJan. 2003
Still has a quite deep colour, but just a little brick at the rim. Nose is a really beautiful aged burgundy which defies description. On the palate there is still good acidity and virtually zero tannin. The mainly red fruit is still there, but only just. Nice, though the finish is verging on the acidic . Unfortunately the palate doesn’t live up to the nose. Not a wine to search for.
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