Why Big Red Diary?
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1999 Potel Nicolas, Volnay En ChevretMar. 2011
Medium, medium-plus colour. The nose shows a hint of maturity, layers of aroma cover a tighter core of dark fruit – a little Pommard in style – then below are flashed of pure dark fruit. In the mouth, there’s super balance and plenty of intensity from the still-young flavours. I’d say the palate needs another 3 or 4 years to similar maturity to the nose. Lots of complexity here – drunk far too quickly to be honest!
1999 Potel Nicolas, Volnay En ChevretApr. 2009
Medium-plus colour. Deep dark, brambly fruit at the core, pepper at the top and just below there are hints of toffee and dark chocolate. In the mouth the acidity is faintly prickly which accentuates the tannin a little, but it’s padded with some fat and shows a little burst of red fruit in the mid-palate and more creamy edge in the finish. Every bottle from this case has so far had an unruly edge, but has been brim full of personality and complexity. Great fun still…
1999 Potel Nicolas, Volnay En ChevretNov. 2005
Medium-plus cherry-red colour. A forward and stylish nose that is both wide and complex – high-toned red fruit and violets framed with caramel notes. Similar interest for the palate, if not the intensity of the top wines in the mouth then it matches for interest and complexity. The tannins are less elegant than some, but given the overall performance this is a minor quibble. A very lovely creamy finish. Excellent
1999 Potel Nicolas, Volnay En ChevretMar. 2005
The first from this en-primeur case. Medium-plus cherry-red colour. A lovely ebullient, wide and complex nose, tons of interest, red fruit, violets and just a twist of caramel-oak. There’s an equal measure of complexity and interest in the mouth – not the intensity or fineness of texture of Nicolas’ Clos des Chênes or the Clos des Ducs from d’Angerville but today much more going on, plus a lovely, creamy, dreamy finish. This is a lovely 99 with more than enough interest – very, very nice.
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