Why Big Red Diary?
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2008 Pillot Paul, St.Aubin Les CharmoisOct. 2010
Just a hint of sulfur, but there’s width and the impression of some Chassagne-style muscle. Lovely ripe flavours that are counterbalanced with a slightly tart acidity. Penetrating, really makes your mouth water for more.
2000 Giroud Camille, St.Aubin Les CharmoisDec. 2008
Medium golden. High tones over slightly creamy base – quite vibrant if not an integrated whole. Ripe fruit offset by slightly bright acidity. Quite long, and certainly very tasty.
2001 Colin-Deléger, St.Aubin Les CharmoisAug. 2007
Wide, just a little tight yet waxy with some pleasing depth and and a twist of citrus. The palate is plush yet at the same time reasonably mineral; it expands and expands in the mouth with a waxy, concentrated texture and length that has a faint impression of coconut but for all that seems fine. It’s not a cheap example of St.Aubin, but on this hot evening it’s certainly an impressive one; it’s open and very tasty. It actually followed a bottle of Jadot’s 2005 bourgogne chardonnay, and despite the quality of that wine, this is a major quality advancement.
2000 Potel Nicolas, St.Aubin Les CharmoisMar. 2006
Medium golden. The nose is understated, slightly monolithic but betrays a hint of oxidation. The palate is fresh with nice texture, but there’s that note of oxidation on the finish. Not for me.
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