Why Big Red Diary?
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2010 Bouton Gilles, St.Aubin la ChatenièreApr. 2012
Pale colour. A hint of oak toast and clean high-toned aromas, slowly it has more of a brioche impression before disappearing completely. Leaner than the Dents du Chien, with a linear minerality – quite some intensity too – a burst of flavour in the mid-palate with a new, faintly sweet herbal note. Understated, lingering finish that’s couched with a subtle sweetness. Great value wine without a doubt.
2009 Bouton Gilles, St.Aubin la ChatenièreMay. 2011
Medium, medium-pale lemon yellow. A very pretty, slightly waxy aroma with a equally pretty sweet yellow fruit with just the occasional sensation of sulfur. Across the tongue there is a mineral flavour and just enough acidity. There’s not the greatest of intensity and frankly I’d like a hint more acidity, but it’s quite well balanced and finishes very nicely. No fireworks, rather understated competence. This is the price of many a bourgogne so hard to complain. In the end this and one other bottle from the case were about the same – all the others were much finer.
2009 Bouton Gilles, St.Aubin la ChatenièreApr. 2011
The nose is higher-toned, a ripe core of fruit with some surrounding herbs. Again, clean and fresh flavours of decent intensity – very tasty.
2009 Lamy Hubert, St.Aubin la ChatenièreDec. 2010
The ripe fruit aromas are redolent of the Dents du Chien, perhaps with more width. Great freshness that are coupled to mineral flavours which expand across the mid-palate – Yum again!
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