Why Big Red Diary?
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2009 Boisset Jean-Claude, Savigny-lès-BeauneJan. 2011
More tannic, good concentration – this is a wine that will compete with more than a few 1er crus in the village.
2007 Chapuis Maurice, Savigny-lès-BeauneOct. 2010
Medium colour. High-toned red, slightly spicy nose. Actually quite structured for an 07 and far from simple. Good mineral length.
2007 Potel Nicolas, Savigny-lès-BeauneJul. 2009
Bottled in November. Another understated nose, but clean and tidy with a dark-fruit complexion. There’s good extension of flavour through the mid-palate and into the finish. Again a nicely fresh wine with an underlying structure that recommends a little resting time in the cellar.
2006 Boisset Jean-Claude, Savigny-lès-BeauneApr. 2008
Bottled in December – ten barrels. An intense, very focused nose. Lithe, tannic and with very good intensity for a villages. I think this will be super.
2006 Bouchard Père et Fils, Savigny-lès-BeauneApr. 2008
50% is from ‘domaine’ fruit, the rest from long-term contracts. little deeper nose with some aspects of dark oak. A little more fruit concentration and plenty of structure. Another wine that needs cellar time for a softer stance
2004 Bichot Albert, Savigny-lès-BeauneNov. 2006
Medium-plus cherry-red colour. The nose starts with a herby, minty element before high-toned raspberry fruit starts to make itself known – really a very nice blend – eventually it settles into a more mineral and herb expression. The palate is 2004 fresh coupled to sweet red fruit, though not quite enough to avoid the mid-palate showing a little hard. The finish, whilst not very long, is very tasty with a real creamy lift.
2002 Bichot Albert, Savigny-lès-BeauneMar. 2006
Clear medium, medium-plus cherry-red colour. The wide nose starts with a hint of barrel-spice and high-toned cherry fruit. Fresh acidity brings sour-cherry fruit to the fore – fruit that has good intensity in the mid-palate and enough sweetness. Well-textured tannin shows just an edge of dryness. I enjoyed it very much, in fact it just hints at a raisiny edge to the finish which could further develop, but this will most likely remain a little on the tart side – a world away from many 2003’s. At this price I bought a couple more.
2000 Pavelot Jean-Marc et Hugues, Savigny-lès-BeauneJul. 2005
Drank directly after Robert Gibourg’s Morey. Medium, medium-plus ruby red. Again high toned but much more fruit on the nose. A step-up in concentration, but after ten minutes taint starts to dominate the palate before creeping into the nose too. Bottle two was not so obviously high-toned as the first but still relatively so. Colour and density were the same as bottle 1. Still a step-up from the Gibourg, but just missing a little sweetness. It compliments food, but doesn’t make a completely satisfying solo drink, like many 2000’s today it is hiding its charm.
2002 Pavelot Jean-Marc et Hugues, Savigny-lès-BeauneMar. 2005
Most of the vines are in Guettotes close to the 1er Cru Aux Guettes. A bright, medium cherry-red colour. A greeting of bright and pure red cherries on the nose. This purity is equally obvious on the palate, red-shaded fruit that shows good concentration. Plenty of structure, the ripe tannins adhere to your gums and teeth. Lovely balancing acidity. A fresh complexion to this very-good villages
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