Why Big Red Diary?
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1999 Leroy, Savigny-lès-Beaune Les NarbantonsMay. 2009
The cork is soaked through with wine and splits in half while trying to extract. A medium, medium-plus young colour. The nose starts quite oaky, though slowly it fades to leave heavier and heavier young fruit notes. In the mouth it starts with grainy tannin and a little spritz but it’s followed by a lovely impression of damson/plum fruit and a super length. The fruit continues to blossom, becoming cleaner and fresher though this is clearly a Leroy wine rather than a wine of Savigny. Over time there’s a little mushroom and mineral on the nose, though a quick swirl reveals perfect berry notes.
2007 Terres d'Arômes, Savigny-lès-Beaune Les NarbantonsApr. 2009
In bottle just for 2 weeks. A little more depth to the colour. The nose is more fruit-driven and nicely transparent – violets push through too. Fills the mouth, but also shows a nice mineral ‘tension’. The tannins are more forward but will fade in the bottle. Nice finish here. This is fresh and very engaging.
2003 Leroy, Savigny-lès-Beaune Les NarbantonsOct. 2006
Deep colour. The nose is dense and tight; there’s a little oak-gilded black fruit, only deepens a little after 25 minutes in the glass. Lower acidity than the 04’s, though quite well balanced. The finish is dominated by toasty oak – though not ashy. After the 04’s this is rather ponderous and extracted – there is also perceptible petillance – but it would be a shame to judge this so young, particularly after the ultra-different 2004’s that preceded it. Revisit when it’s 15 years old, but given the price (3 times the price of the 1999) I won’t be joining the ride!
1999 Ecard Maurice, Savigny-lès-Beaune Les NarbantonsNov. 2005
Medium ruby-red. Lots of funk on the nose to start, but slowly an rather fetching red-berry note starts to dominate. The palate is quite linear with a tight presentation of red-framed fruit swept allonge on really good acidity. Medium length and no obvious grab from the tannin. Just a little closed, but the overall effect was positive. A good wine. Domaine Jean Grivot, Nuits Saint Georges Les Pruliers Medium ruby-red, just starting to take an amber shade at the rim of the glass. A sweet, meaty nose that takes quite some time to reveal a red-fruit cocktail above the savoury tones. The texture is almost good, though the tannins are still quite forward, if velvety. The acidity is prominent though not unduly so. Certainly in an ‘awkward phase’, I’d suggest waiting another 3 years before revisiting.
2000 Ecard Maurice, Savigny-lès-Beaune Les NarbantonsJul. 2005
Medium, medium-plus ruby. The nose is heaviliy influenced by spicy oak – initially the palate is similarly affected. The palate is just a little sweeter and denser than the other 2000’s drunk in this report with an interesting creamy burst in the mid-palate. Really needs a couple of hours in a decanter to show it’s style. This 2000 is a nice wine but a couple of levels below Pavelot’s Dominode from the same vintage.
1993 Jadot Louis, Savigny-lès-Beaune Les NarbantonsMar. 2004
A super colour, medium plus blood-ruby just fading to a watery rim. The nose started a little funky with undergrowth and mushrooms. Given an hour this subsided a little to allow an earthy raspberry note to show. In the mouth the wine is not really a charmer, despite good fruit, the acidity is in the ascendant though the tannins are well mannered. With food there’s much more balance and the wine really starts to become enjoyable – good length too. This is a wine that really needs more time – 3-5 years I’d say – hopefully the fruit will last as long(?)
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