Why Big Red Diary?
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2008 Muzard Lucien et Fils, Santenay-MaladièreDec. 2010
A really interesting wine. First of all, too much CO2; I had to re-stopper the wine and give it a good shake to liberate a few litres of gas – fortunately the wine managed to stay in the bottle despite sounding like champagne as I removed the cork (the second time)! ‘Cold’ from the cellar this is focused and just a little mineral, let it warm and it gets rounder and rounder and eventually a little flabby – I chose to keep it cool with the following result: Deep aromas of fruit, some hints of reduction that quickly fade, the nose opening in tandem to offer nice dark red fruits. This is nicely supple, has good concentration and plenty of fruit padding to balance the acidity. Nice length too. This is a large but well-focused wine – just don’t let it get too warm. Very good value too.
2008 Muzard Lucien et Fils, Santenay-MaladièreDec. 2010
Deep aromas of fruit that hint to a little reduction – slowly widening and opening to a red fruit. Tannin is quite supple and there is good flavour intensity. Nice length too.
2006 Boisset Jean-Claude, Santenay-MaladièreApr. 2008
Raised in 20% new oak. Wide, understated ripe fruit on the nose. The first impression is the mineral length and a slowly evolving, soft fruit coating filling the mouth
2000 Prieur-Brunet, Santenay-MaladièreMar. 2005
Medium, medium-plus cherry-red – no obvious maturity. The nose gives-up slightly soapy red cherry, eventually improving by losing the soap and soaring ever higher. The palate has fresh acidity and tannins that are a little forward and astringent. The fruit has some black tone but is more balanced to red. The fruit has some density but at first was not enough to counter the structure. You would have spat this out with a wince on opening but there was quite a transformation with time, becoming fatter and more open – in fact quite palatable with food – but without it’s a bit charmless right now so you might as well wait a while…
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