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2010 Pousse d'Or, Santenay Clos des TavannesNov. 2011
Plenty of oak-toast on the nose, augmented by a little reduction – slowly there’s a dark-ish red fruited dimension. Concentrated and quite lithe in the mouth, with good structure and length.
2008 Gagnard Jean-Noël, Santenay Clos des TavannesApr. 2011
Medium, medium-plus colour. The nose has a cool yet welcoming range of fruit aromas, perhaps topped with faint violets. Very good flavour that seems quite wide and, with it, a very good persistence. The balance here is just about perfect (for me), tannins only showing themselves if you chew. Lovely wine. As a direct comparison, and as drinkable as this wine is, it falls short of the intensity of the Montrevenots earlier in the week, by comparison seeming more dilute – that doesn’t mean that I like it any less – the aromas improve all the time and are quite a match for the Beaune.
2009 Gagnard Jean-Noël, Santenay Clos des TavannesApr. 2011
The nose has lighter-coloured red fruit – more red-currant/raspberry than cherry. Nicely full, with a little tannic grain. There is dark-red fruit flavour and a lovely balance. This is not just strikingly pretty, it has depth too.
1976 Gagnard Jean-Noël, Santenay Clos des TavannesApr. 2011
There is still some strawberry on the nose – this remains clean and fresh with a little sous-bois – lovely. There is still plenty of grainy tannin but without astringency. Good mid-palate flavour with a little blood-orange and hints of chocolate. Really super and apparently with plenty of life ahead of it.
2009 Muzard Lucien et Fils, Santenay Clos des TavannesDec. 2010
In bottle for 1 day! A lovely, easy, pretty 2009 nose. Full, round and with plenty of of supple structure –perhaps there’s even a hint of coffee (or maybe I just need a coffee!). No doubt, very nice wine.
2008 Gagnard Jean-Noël, Santenay Clos des TavannesDec. 2009
Wide aromas that are very cherry-fruited, good depth too. This is very nice across the palate, indeed very pretty. There’s good acidity alongside the lovely fruit, a little grain to the tannin and lots of flavour extending through the mid-palate into the finish – bravo!
2004 Potel Nicolas, Santenay Clos des TavannesMar. 2006
A fine and fresh nose that slowly deepens, again plenty of interest. Bigger and more concentrated than the Volnay VV but with a sophisticated structure. It might benefit from a little extra length, but it’s a very friendly and easy to drink wine.
1996 Pousse d'Or, Santenay Clos des TavannesJan. 2003
Medium ruby with some age now evident at the rim. Nose is oaky, but it is sweet and deep rather than toasty with some stewed red fruit. Palate is quite thick with concentrated cherry and juicy mouthwatering acidity. Quite long but just a little astingency at the end. Still very good plus.
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