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2009 Olivier Antoine et Rachel, Santenay BeaurepaireMay. 2011
Medium, medium-plus colour. This also shows a dark cherry fruit but coupled to higher-toned violet notes. Again there is intensity and very pretty, mouth-watering fruit. A good increase of flavour in the mid-palate and finally just a little strawberry in the finish. Excellent.
2008 Olivier Antoine et Rachel, Santenay BeaurepaireSep. 2010
Medium-plus colour. The nose starts almost too forward but slowly settles into a fine and deep expression of red and black fruits and something that almost touches on aniseed. Concentrated and certainly intense this has more padding than the villages Santenay so never hints at anything mouth-puckering. The texture is very good indeed. This premier cru essentially delivering more weight without any penalty in terms of fineness or focus. Really very accomplished.
2002 Olivier Antoine et Rachel, Santenay BeaurepaireNov. 2004
Medium-plus cherry red, purple at the rim. The nose is a blast of cherry and blue-skinned fruit. Nicely balanced with forward, ripe fruit, good acidity and barely noticeable tannin. Tasty and another moreish wine.
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