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1978 Royer-Lebon Henri, Pommard PezerollesNov. 2010
Bright medium. medium-plus red mahogany colour. The nose is very clean, showing both width and depth, initially a depth of prune overlaid with strawberry preserve and a hint of chocolate – a great start. Lovely in the mouth, just slightly plush but borne on a carpet of fine acidity that really slides you through a mid-palate ‘pop’ of red fruit before prolonging a finish whose final note is of a bitter chocolate. Tannin can be found, but only if you chew long enough. Despite its silken grace this is a wine of minerality that is far from decline – it might still improve!
2006 Potel Nicolas, Pommard PezerollesApr. 2008
Lovely dark, dried fruits on the nose but just needing a little more focus. Ripe and with plenty of tannin that’s a little less astringent than the Santenots but with more grain. A nice follow-through of flavour into the finish. I think this will be very nice.
2005 Bouchard Père et Fils, Pommard PezerollesApr. 2007
This wine announces itself with a wide, mineral nose underpinned by black fruit and those caramel barrel notes – lovely depth, a wine to keep sniffing. On the palate there’s ripe, dense and dark fruit, perhaps a little damson. This is very long finishing. This wowed me with its energy and personality – super.
2004 Potel Nicolas, Pommard PezerollesMar. 2006
Nicolas buys all the fruit from this estate. High-toned nose with plenty of width. In the mouth, this is cuts an athletic pose – no extra fat – good structure, just an edge of astringency to the tannin as it closes in on the finish. Nice extension to the flavour from the mid-palate onwards.
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