Why Big Red Diary?
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2009 Pavillon, Pommard Les RugiensMar. 2011
A wide and fine, almost soft nose. Sweet ripe fruit with ripe, slightly grained tannin which seems partly buried. Understated length with a faint astringency.
2008 Pavillon, Pommard Les RugiensMar. 2011
Higher toned and more perfumed than the 09. Plenty of acidity, good tannin has a little astringent ‘grab’. Lingering, impressively precise flavours. The 09 is more sumptuous, this has more detail.
2007 Pavillon, Pommard Les RugiensMar. 2011
Actually harvested on the same date as the 03.There’s a little more aromatic density if not a more obvious ripeness than the 08, eventually some precise dark berries. This is concentrated and fresh, not obviously of the vintage. A real success.
2006 Pavillon, Pommard Les RugiensMar. 2011
The nose has lovely high-toned perfume. Mouth-filling with plenty of tannin that still shows an edge of astringency. The finish is very understated, perhaps not the longest either. I’m surprised that I much prefer the 07.
2005 Pavillon, Pommard Les RugiensMar. 2011
Aromas offer some authority while remaining rather understated. Fine, ripe tannin. The fresh-face of youth may have gone, but this is flavour-packed and not a bit tight. Super balance and a similar style diminuendo of finish to the 2006, but longer…
2003 Pavillon, Pommard Les RugiensMar. 2011
More evolved aromas that even hint at maturity with a few forest leaves, though for now they are clearly subordinate to the fruit. This is very full, full of tannin too but quite finely grained. There remains a little dryness, but like sand it’s not astringent.
2002 Pavillon, Pommard Les RugiensMar. 2011
Delicate hints of perfume light up the nose, eventually adds herbs too – rather complex. The flavour likewise delivers that same perfumed note together with dried dark fruits well matched to plenty of structure. Super.
2008 Bouley Jean-Marc, Pommard Les RugiensOct. 2010
Almost no soil in this part of the vineyard. The nose is quite forward, generously offering a mix of red and dark red fruit aromas that eventually seem to be coating a more stony, mineral core. Ripe fruit in the mouth that is also quite complex – the acidity underpinning everything. The tannin has a hint of grab, helping the flavours adhere and slowly linger. Yum.
2007 Pavillon, Pommard Les RugiensMay. 2010
High tones of flowers and herbs with a width of understated red and black fruit. Plenty of structure underpinned with plenty of ripe fruit – that tannin seems ripe too. A good burst of interest in the mid-palate and a long finish. Tasty stuff!
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