Why Big Red Diary?
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2007 Billard Gabriel, Pommard Les CharmotsMay. 2010
From 80 year-old vines Deeper with darker red fruit. The tannin is much finer and the fruit is nicely elegant. Subtly long. Very nice wine.
2006 Billard Gabriel, Pommard Les CharmotsMay. 2010
Higher toned aromas with more herbs. The tannin has a real ascendency next to the fruit, but it’s young and there’s super length.
2008 Carré Denis, Pommard Les CharmotsMay. 2010
There’s dark oak, perhaps a trace of reduction too but a little patience delivers a more licorice impression. Fills the mouth quite well with very supple tannin. Overall it’s a little soft, but a good wine all the same.
1999 Billard Gabriel, Pommard Les CharmotsMar. 2010
Warm red fruits on the nose with a little mineral dimension too. After the villages wines there’s a little more impact and concentration. A width of dark fruit balanced by young structure – a baby.
1999 Carré Denis, Pommard Les CharmotsMar. 2010
A deep, dark, brooding and instantly impressive nose. The fruit here is cool and wide, just about managing to stay ahead of the structure. Fine depth.
1999 Joillot Jean-Luc, Pommard Les CharmotsMar. 2010
Medium intensity, warm red fruit, Here the fruit is a little tart (less ripe next to the other), the balancing structure seems ripe enough though and I like the burst of flavour as it hits the medium finish.
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