Why Big Red Diary?
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2008 Dubreuil-Fontaine, Pommard EpenotsApr. 2011
Medium, medium plus colour. The nose starts dense and unyielding; I had to wait about 2 hours before enjoyment set in, that enjoyment in the form of joyous red cherry, accented with raisins and violet flowers – yum. Very understated tannin but smooth of texture and then a super growth of concentration and intensity in the mid-palate – yet just a hint lean. This is a very good wine, but I thought the bottle I tasted at the domaine better.
2005 Thomas-Moillard, Pommard EpenotsApr. 2009
Medium-plus cherry-red colour. The nose retains a consistently understated mix of the mineral, plus dark, deep red fruit. In the mouth it’s a powerful blend of intense fruit that peaks in the mid-palate, decaying with a creamy edge, and showing just enough tannin to poke it’s faint astringency through the blanket of fruit extract – slightly exacerbated by hint of carbon dioxide. The finish is very understated, but lingering and entirely made up of non-barrel elements – you can’t say that for many. Not the ultimate in smooth sophistication that many 2005’s can display, but at a good price, this would be an easy rebuy recommendation. Built with the long-term in mind, but today (at least) relatively approachable.
2006 Dubreuil-Fontaine, Pommard EpenotsMar. 2009
Nice, somewhat friendly red fruit aromas. Velvet tannin and rather elegant fruit. The flavour builds nicely into the mid-palate and lingers well. Rather a sophisticated Epenots.
2006 Parent, Pommard EpenotsJul. 2008
The nose is a little spicy over an understatedly savoury depth. More wood tannin (this will soften), very good balance and the first wine that shows an additional burst of complexity as move into the finish.
2005 Parent, Pommard EpenotsJul. 2008
The aromas are a little tight, but at it’s centre is a super core of red/black fruit. Wide, with velvety tannin and excellent acidity. The fruit chases the acidity into the finish while the tannin clings to the inside of your mouth. This will require some cellar time but has all the components to be a wonderful bottle down the line…
2004 Parent, Pommard EpenotsJul. 2008
A deep and dark nose that slowly widens to show some mineral aspects. Ripe fruit provides sweetness and the tannin starts on a slightly lower level to previous wines before reaching a crescendo in the mid-palate. The flavours slowly fade. This is a very nice wine but will keep no problem.
2003 Parent, Pommard EpenotsJul. 2008
Whilst very ripe and showing plenty of dried fruit aromatics, this is not obviously a 2003. The colour shows a young cherry-red. Silky with ripe, sweet fruit and plenty of freshness. This is lovely and I’m very impressed, particularly with the length. Real distinction here.
2002 Parent, Pommard EpenotsJul. 2008
Deeper aromatics of ripe cherry conserve with a darker edge. Silky, the structure is more hidden but the flavours just pour througfh the middle of the wine into the mid-palate and on into the finish. Super balance here. Anne suggest a great pairing with roast meats.
2001 Parent, Pommard EpenotsJul. 2008
Depth of fruit that’s turning quite savoury and meaty. “Was serious and tannic when young – it’s much better now than 2-3 years ago” says Anne. Now you see the reverse; the tannins are now in the background and the foreground is full of super fruit.
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