Why Big Red Diary?
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2008 Parent, Pommard ChaponnièresJul. 2010
Higher toned. More an undertow of red fruit aromas than precise berries, but slowly it takes on more focus – very interesting. Sweetness, concentration, soft but not too plush. The tannin is well covered and then the flavours bursts through. this is lovely.
2007 Billard-Gonnet, Pommard ChaponnièresMay. 2010
Red fruit and green herbs on the nose. Mouth-filling fruit that’s not too sweet but tastes really nice as it emerges from the medium strength, ripe tannins. Almost good.
2006 Billard-Gonnet, Pommard ChaponnièresMay. 2010
Herbs aromas with ripe red fruit. There’s plenty of tannin, but it’s not too overwhelming. The fruit has good flavour and a decent intensity too.
1999 Billard-Gonnet, Pommard ChaponnièresMar. 2010
Magnum. Wide, fresh, complex yet understated aromas. Fresh, primary fruit. The tannin is just in balance. Modest (understated) in the mid-palate and the finish. – Perhaps a little tight?pommard
1999 Parent, Pommard ChaponnièresMar. 2010
Magnum. Deep, dark aromas with a suggestion of mushroom – eventually precise, individual berries! Very, very young, but the mid-palate punch is well matched to the structure. Very satisfying from the mid-palate into the finish. Really a long-term wine…
2005 Billard-Gonnet, Pommard ChaponnièresApr. 2009
Medium, medium-plus colour. Directly following the Château de Chorey the nose and palate both seemed attenuated and narrow, only the finish was captivating – much longer than the Beaune. Within 5 minutes the nose showed occasional flashes of brilliance – beautiful red fruits and hints of coffee. The palate is clearly barrel-tight making the acidity seem forward, but the tannin is burried. You only have to experience the finish to know this is a great wine, but perhaps we may have to wait 10 years to see it. Day two there’s a hint more width, but no more.
2006 Parent, Pommard ChaponnièresJul. 2008
Another sorbet-fruit nose, darker-skinned fruit than the Chanlins. This is from near to Rugiens, but without the red iron-oxide soil. This is made up from two cuvées, one from 50 year old vines, the other from 70 year old vines. There’s a step-up in the silkyness of the ample tannins – they cling to your mouth – another slow diminuendo. Super.
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