Why Big Red Diary?
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2009 Cornu, Pernand-VergelessesNov. 2011
The nose has top and bottom notes; faint pyrazines at the top and warm red fruit below – it’s narrow rather than wide today. In the mouth this is warm and quite concentrated – very tasty indeed. There is decent balance here, I might ask for a hint more acidity but that’s ‘borderline’. Very nice wine, and good value too.
1985 Voarick Michel, Pernand-VergelessesOct. 2011
What a nose; this jumps out of the glass, deep, musky, sweet, probably still plenty of dark oak – if you’d been told it was a Richebourg you wouldn’t be disappointed – not until you put it in your mouth anyway! The nose writes a cheque which the palate will never pay; there is a little fat and a nicely sweet lingering acidity that flows into the medium-plus finish. There is just a hint of tannin still and also some dimension to the mid-palate flavours. Overall this isn’t too bad but I’m left with the impression that I’m mainly sampling quercus, rather than Pernand. Fun and very much alive, if not quite my pre-eminent style-choice, yet it would be churlish of me to say anything other than ‘chapeau!’
2008 Dubreuil-Fontaine, Pernand-VergelessesApr. 2011
Nice and ripe but understated fruit aromas. The palate is the same with lots of clean, steely acidity. Quite Cistercian! For drinking now on a hot sunny day – might get a bit mouth-puckering with time…
2007 Chanson Père et Fils, Pernand-VergelessesJul. 2010
Blanc. Pale lemon colour. Fine, tight and pretty aromas. A faint hint of transient oak, a little fat and plenty of silk – very mineral with a subtle length, delivered on good acidity. This is very good.
2007 Champy Père et Fils, Pernand-VergelessesMar. 2009
Bottled in July. Medium yellow. The nose is fresh, wide, inetersting and clean. Just a little edge of fatness to the reasonably complex and very tasty fruit. Good acidity. I find this excellent.
2006 Guyon Antonin, Pernand-VergelessesJul. 2008
Medium, medium-plus colour. The nose is reasonably wide but with a good depth of powdery cherry fruit. In the mouth there’s a really super balance between the sweet, ripe fruit and the flowing acidity, so much so that tannin is an after-thought. The finish is narrow but sneakily long and shows a faint creaminess. A lovely wine and excellent value.
2000 Thomas Charles, Pernand-VergelessesJul. 2006
Medium ruby colour. The nose is high toned but the lower registers are decidedly musty which is a shame as there seems to be a clean core of fruit behind. The acidity stands proud of the rest of the wine – the finish is bitter too – no thanks.
1997 Château Chorey-les-Beaune - Germain, Pernand-VergelessesJul. 2005
Golden. The nose starts in a healthy way with tight, clean, mineral and citrus aspects, though becomes much more diffuse as it warms in the glass. It’s an almost sweet and sour experience, the ripe fruit providing the sweetness and the rustic acidity giving the sour aspect. The weather was hot and this was drunk to the end. Overall I’d say almost good, but keep it chilled.
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