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2007 Giroud Camille, Nuits St.Georges VaucrainsDec. 2009
The colour is virually the same medium, medium-plus cherry-red as the Combe aux Moines. Seemingly the the aromas are wider and more complex though don’t show the depth of the ‘Moines’. The intensity is certainly on the same level as the last wine, as is the acidity but with an extra width to the fruit that gives the impression of more ‘padding’. This lingers well and I would say it is also a wine to wait for.
1998 Potel Nicolas, Nuits St.Georges VaucrainsJul. 2004
More a tasting note about the manifestation of cork taint, medium, medium-plus ruby red and no fading. The nose is subdued with just a trace of blue skinned fruit, no taint and a slightly green, minty rather than leafy note. In the mouth there’s definitely a little taint on the finish – which is a shame as this is a very smooth wine. After 10 minutes it’s there on the nose too – still faint. Obviously this wine is close to my detection (or should that be toleration) limit as a small amount left in a glass for 30+ minutes actually tastes quite nice…
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