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1981 Clavelier SA, Nuits St.Georges Les Corvées PagetsMay. 2012
Hospices de Nuits Cuvée Saint Laurent The wine is clear and bright – a good start. The nose is also rather good, there’s a little (not too much) mature leaf and a fainter undertow of ripe fruit – the last drops in the glass are that lovely acid red-cherry. Fine balancing acidity and still some tannin – the flavour is a little subdued before a nice and rather tasty lift in the mid-palate. Decent finishing. I wonder if that rather anonymous opening flavour is down to filtration? Whatever, it is clean and very, very drinkable – a good result
1983 Ponnelle Pierre, Nuits St.Georges Les Corvées PagetsOct. 2010
Some signs of seepage above the cork, but it comes out without major headaches and the wine seems fresh enough. Dark, fresh aromas of berries and bramble – it’s certainly at the darker end of the fruit-colour spectrum but there’s nothing cooked about it and there is no sense of decay – it’s very nice indeed. The palate is a bit of a surprise as there is a dryness from still obvious tannin – this must have been an absolute brute in its youth! Good acidity and likewise there’s energy too – the juxtaposition with the nose is that you expect more sweetness on the palate than this wine is prepared to give. Without sight of the vintage I’d have ventured to suggest leaving it in the cellar another 5 years or so – in some respects it reminds me of some 95s I’ve tasted!
1998 Arnoux Robert, Nuits St.Georges Les Corvées PagetsJul. 2005
Less expressive on the nose, linear with a herbal note. The entry is understated, but there’s really impressive burst of fruit from the mid-palate onwards. Very good acidity and there’s the perception of something green on the finish.
1993 Arnoux Robert, Nuits St.Georges Les Corvées PagetsJul. 2005
There’s a dense core of fruit that’s a more roast expression than for 98. Sweeter and more intense palate, even the mid-palate has more intensity – though less fireworks. Better length, and that green note is there again – it’s more easily identifiable this time as fresh mint. Interesting, vs the 1998 this has more of everything – except charm! No worry about waiting another 5 or so years to see if it mellows, but drinking today I prefer the 1998.
2001 Arnoux Robert, Nuits St.Georges Les Corvées PagetsMar. 2003
Very reserved nose, but strong fruit on the palate. Good acidity and medium-plus tannins. Very persistent fruit too. Very good.
2001 Vougeraie, Nuits St.Georges Les Corvées PagetsMar. 2003
Medium cherry colour. The nose has sweet red fruit. The tannin is strong, though velvety. Good acidity with a trace of vanilla on the good finish. Very refined.
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