Why Big Red Diary?
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2008 Mugneret Gerard, Nuits St.Georges Les BoudotsJan. 2011
The nose is part floral and part fruit – then a deep violet flower note –this is rather profound! A hint more sweetness and roundness; long mouthwatering flavours. Very nice indeed.
1996 Grivot Jean, Nuits St.Georges Les BoudotsApr. 2009
I havented tasted one for a while, but I have a quite a few Grivot Nuits from this vintage – the Roncières in particular has been very nice. My first Grivot Boudots from ‘96: A little darker in colour than the Corton. The darker fruit also shows a hint of mustiness and is also a little more muscular. The delivery on the palate is similar to the Corton, intense, some tannin though the fruit is darker and a shade metallic tasting. Almost good, and of-course very young.
2006 Tardy Jean, Nuits St.Georges Les BoudotsDec. 2008
Medium-plus colour. Red-black fruit that is quite high-toned. Great texture with velvet but not astringent tannin. Lots of dimension. The ‘just right’ acidity lets the flavour linger. This is also very good
1997 Tardy Jean, Nuits St.Georges Les BoudotsAug. 2007
The nose has the 97 sweetness though unusually it’s coupled with a rather herby presentation but nice high-toned red fruits too. Actually quite appealing. The palate was grainy and red – I didn’t really think of much more to say…
2005 Potel Nicolas, Nuits St.Georges Les BoudotsApr. 2007
There’s plenty to see on the nose, and it’s not just about fruit – a nice toffee note comes through too. In the mouth it’s all about fresh fruit and acidity followed by a real extra kick of concentration in the mid-palate and into the finish. This really does have an extra dimension vs the last wines and comes across just a little Vosne-like. Really super, bravo.
2004 Potel Nicolas, Nuits St.Georges Les BoudotsMar. 2006
A wide, cedar inflected, slightly feral nose. High-toned fruit in the mouth, lots of concentration that’s well balanced with the acidity and tannin – you can really chew on this. Will need some bottle time to mellow – if mellow is what you want.
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