Why Big Red Diary?
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2004 Lambrays, Morey St.Denis Les LoupsMar. 2010
Medium colour. The nose is heavy with the volatile 2004 taint, below is an interesting coffee edge though I can’t quite get to the fruit. In the mouth this has sweet fruit, nicely soft texture, depth and a subtle extra dimension in the mid-palate that lingers through the finish. As usual when I experience the 04 character the acidity seems a little elevated. If you’re not sensitive, then this would be a very tasty wine just now.
2005 Lambrays, Morey St.Denis Les LoupsNov. 2007
A soft and yet tight nose – giving little away. Mouth-filling and perfectly ripe in a slightly confiture way. But its like a comfy armchair you can sink into.
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