Why Big Red Diary?
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2005 Mommessin, Morey St.Denis La ForgeNov. 2007
This is the second wine from the Clos de Tart. Relatively deep ruby-red colour, still a little cherry-red at the rim. The nose is deep, ripe and serious. In the mouth, you have a really excellent texture, warm red fruit with a faint spice. The tannins are quite ‘executive’ despite the declassification and the acidity is very well judged. This is no shy and retiring wine, but has really super balance. Highly recommended.
2004 Mommessin, Morey St.Denis La ForgeMar. 2006
The nose shows spice and a good core of fruit. Tasting shows a little fat and earth, interesting flavours, nice concentration and good acidity. Some tannin shows, but it’s not too unruly and the finish lasts well. Worth it’s 1er Cru label.
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