Why Big Red Diary?
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2007 Potel Nicolas, Montagny 1er CruJul. 2009
Also bottled in July. More power on the nose. Wide, with more depth and impact. Fine acidity – this is a nice wine.
2001 La Buxynoise, Montagny 1er CruJul. 2008
Eleve en fûts de chêne in bold type on the label. Medium yellow colour. A subtle and quite sophisticated nose that has very faint brioche and very nice yellow-skinned citrus fruit. In the mouth it’s round and soft but with super acidity that leaves the flavour lingering. Great value, I could drink this all summer long, alfresco…
2006 Boillot Jean-Marc, Montagny 1er CruJul. 2008
Medium-pale yellow. Starts a little spritzy on the nose, but very slowly loses the sherbet note to deliver nice subtle oak and plenty of ripe pear fruit. Good balance with faintly lingering acidity. The flavours are lingering, if just a little saccharin. Always a reasonable value wine.
1997 Aladame Stephane, Montagny 1er CruAug. 2007
(Magnum) Pale yellow coloured. The nose is high-toned – plenty of ripe fruit yet remains quite fresh. Good fruit with nice enough acidity – a successful wine.
2005 Boillot Jean-Marc, Montagny 1er CruApr. 2007
Medium yellow. The nose is quite deep with a little spicy butterscotch, swirling releases a denser and higher-toned fruit aspect. Lithe, sweet with a kick into the mid-palate before the mouth-watering acidity rushes you into the finish. The sweetness of the ripe fruit brings fine balance. A lovely ebullient wine that is yet another contender for house wine this summer.
2004 Boillot Jean-Marc, Montagny 1er CruJul. 2006
Pale lemon-yellow. A woody nose at first – takes a little air to bring more balance – and a tight core of mainly pear fruit. The palate fleshes out with aeration – just a little weedy to start. The concentration is backend-loaded providing a very nice finish. Though the fresh acidity is only-just ripe enough, the texture is nicely smooth. For only 2/3 the price of Leflaive’s (for instance) Bourgogne, this is a good value wine – less sweet than the cheaper-still Jadot 02 Bourgogne, but more complex.
2002 Boillot Jean-Marc, Montagny 1er CruJul. 2005
Pale yellow. The nose is fresh, slightly citrus over dense fruit base. Likewise the palate is fresh, showing an almost Chablis minerality. The acidity is mouthwateringly good, but there’s a slight harshness to the palate – I can’t decide if it’s down to the acidity or an oak artifact – anyway it’s certainly not a bad wine but with it’s long but slightly saccharin finish I’ll look elsewhere.
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