Why Big Red Diary?
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2010 Marchand Pascal, MeursaultMay. 2012
Wide, pungent aromas. The texture is padded but very well balanced and supports plenty of mid-palate flavour that follows through perfectly into the finish too. Excellent villages and less overtly oak flavoured than the reds.
2010 Mikulski François, MeursaultJan. 2012
Spice bread on the nose. A width of beautifully balanced flavour. Not many words needed here – super wine.
2009 Mischief and Mayhem, MeursaultNov. 2011
There’s a nice concentration to the aromas, ripe yellow fruit that’s framed with a hint of spice – 20% new oak here. Fuller than the St.Romain, this is quite concentrated, even a little rich but there is lovely expansion in the mid-palate and it seems completely balanced. A good wine that speaks of Meursault – what more could you ask?
2010 Germain Henri, MeursaultSep. 2011
From two parcels; racked once, just before the harvest. Very pretty high-toned aromas that are supported in the manner of classic gingerbread Meursault. Fresh and involving despite a level of understatement – at least relative to the nose. The flavour holds beautifully.
2007 Mischief and Mayhem, MeursaultMar. 2011
A while since I tasted this and it now has a little toasted bread which evolves in the glass to gingerbread. Nice texture and lovely, lovely acidity plus a little minerality. A narrow wine in the finish, but a very tasty one!
2008 Fichet Jean-Philippe, MeursaultOct. 2010
A little herb on the aromas. A rich yet balanced palate, the flavour continuing to build after you spit – always a good sign! It also lingers with more minerality than I was expecting. Lovely.
2008 Grivault Albert, MeursaultOct. 2010
Wider aromas with hints of herbs and in the background there’s something more savoury. This again bursts forward in the mid-palate after a flatter entry.
2007 Grivault Albert, MeursaultOct. 2010
Wide, again with herbs, tightening to offer a fine focus. This has a very creamy mid-palate. I have to say, this is very, very good!
2007 Fichet Jean-Philippe, MeursaultOct. 2010
A hint fresher aromas, perhaps framed with a little cream. This has a gorgeous balance and lingers well. That was the right word – gorgeous.
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