Why Big Red Diary?
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2010 Mikulski François, Meursault PerrièresJan. 2012
’It was missing from my range so I buy some grapes’ smiles François The nose is a little tight and undemonstrative. Actually this is a little less tight than some of the other wines, but this time I mean tight as in focus – it seems like Perrières but without the cut and focus I would have expected after the previous wines – yet there is a very impressive length. This is simply a good wine in the context of excellent wines. I took a chance and told François what I thought and… he agreed. “It just shows you can buy great looking grapes, but it’s not same as doing it yourself” he said.
2008 Le Moine Lucien, Meursault PerrièresJan. 2012
The bottle, I’m afraid to say, seems the glass equivalent of a red sports car; heavy, and with a punt into which you could lose your arm. Clearly the nose ushers in the presence of quite a bit of oak, a little transient gunflint/struck match too, yet this is far from jarring wood, indeed it is very well polished. In the mouth I have a faint hint of surprise; despite a perfectly smooth texture, this is a wine that’s clearly cut from the chalk of Perrières; mineral with some 08 tension and undoubted density and intensity. There are a few other MPs that I might might prefer to drink, all of them lower priced, but this is a very fine wine – no discussion. I have the impression of pear fruit on the palate yet without a hint of obvious sweetness. Very good line into the considerable finish. Clearly I have listened to too much hearsay, because this is super wine.
2010 Germain Henri, Meursault PerrièresSep. 2011
Here the nose is wide with a slightly waxy impression against reflexions of green-skinned fruit. There is a little CO2 that unfortunately hides the full potential of this wine but there is good freshness and excellent complexity. I’m sure it will be super.
2009 Grivault Albert, Meursault PerrièresOct. 2010
Higher toned, fine and quite focused aromas. Mineral, but with a very good mid-palate punch. Super finish too.
2008 Grivault Albert, Meursault PerrièresOct. 2010
More complex but equally fine. The entry seems not so focused but then the mid-palate takes off – and it’s a good ride. A hint of cream frames the flavours.
2007 Grivault Albert, Meursault PerrièresOct. 2010
The nose is a very nice blend of high-toned fruit and a subtle vanilla cream. Nicely full palate with a very good finish – no fireworks in the mid-palate, but lovely flavours…
2002 Bouchard Père et Fils, Meursault PerrièresMar. 2010
Medium level of oxidation – almost, but not quite drinkable…
2002 Bouchard Père et Fils, Meursault PerrièresSep. 2009
Medium level of oxidation – almost, but not quite drinkable…
2006 Roulot Guy, Meursault PerrièresMay. 2009
Pale to medium yellow. The nose is just a little tight, ripe but tight. In the mouth there’s width, density and a very sneaky extra dimension in the mid-palate – it’s very impressive. What’s less impressive is an apparent lack of energy – I think it really needs a bit more acidity. Very nice, but no wow.
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