Why Big Red Diary?
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2009 Javillier Patrick, Meursault Les TilletsMay. 2011
The aromas are higher toned; white fruit with a subtle sweetness below. Broad and mouth-watering with fine intensity – lovely, lovely stuff.
2000 Roulot Guy, Meursault Les TilletsNov. 2004
Pale lemon yellow. The nose bursts with limes/citrus fruit and an undertow of creamy, slightly oaky chardonnay fruit. Depth and forward fruit on the palate. There’s a fatness that is cut with lovely acidity. Lasts well in the finish. We seemed to demolish this one very quickly – very good and quite moreish.
1997 Clerget Marius, Meursault Les TilletsNov. 2003
Lemony in both colour and length – the nose is smooth and waxy with white flowers and melon. In the mouth there’s lemon plus a hazelnut note. Improved with time in the glass, nice acidity and medium length. Perhaps just a little simple after the Auxey, but seems younger, so certainly no rush to drink. Almost good.
1997 de Bucy Joseph, Meursault Les TilletsNov. 2003
Deep lemony yellow. The nose starts with blast of toasty oak which gradually moves to the background allowing some pear and apricot notes to come through, gradually becomes more perfumed. The palate has citrussy acidity which is ‘just right’ and a lovely long follow-through which gradually develops a coconut note. More interesting than Marius Clerget’s ‘Tillets’. A nice wine with no rush to drink.
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