Why Big Red Diary?
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2007 Bouzereau Michel, Meursault Les Grands CharronsMay. 2009
Medium-pale yellow. The nose starts a little diffuse. In the mouth it’s very fresh but seems overly dilute – I think it’s too cold – let’s wait for the contents of the glass to warm a little. Warmer, the nose is a little tighter though offers slightly sherbert-style fruit aromas. In the mouth it’s gained a surprising amount of fat – this now almost good – slowly lingering in the finish. Quite pretty, fresh and clean – it’s tasty, but it says Meursault on the label and much as I enjoyed it, I’m torn as to whether I see that level of performance.
2004 Bouzereau Michel, Meursault Les Grands CharronsJul. 2006
Golden already. The nose starts a little creamy with silky, honied fruit. The palate is okay – nice enough acidity and a slowly fading finish – Good but not great villages.
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