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2009 Hospices de Beaune, Meursault CharmesMay. 2012
Cuvée Albert Grivault (Maison Drouhin) Pale golden. A nose of depth, plenty of patisserie too. Slides across the tongue in a silky fashion with very understated acidity, but far from MIA. There is some extract in the mid-palate but it is a ‘slow grower’ rather than a wine of fireworks – seemingly the apogee of flavour is in the finish as the wine continues to widen. As noted, no fireworks, rather a wine for contemplation – and I did contemplate all of it!
2010 Mikulski François, Meursault CharmesJan. 2012
The nose is wide and squeaky clean, more gingerbread – it’s quite understated but undoubtedly pretty. Fuller and rounder yet very well balanced. Brilliant Charmes.
2010 Mikulski François, Meursault CharmesJan. 2012
Cuvée 1913. As you might have guessed, this particular parcel of vines is coming up to a special anniversary. The nose has a dense core of fruit, again that characteristic note of ginger too. The fullest and roundest of the wines with a density and weight of extract that is clearly of grand cru level. The flavours just keep on going. This is simply a knockout wine.
2008 Mikulski François, Meursault CharmesJan. 2012
The nose has impressive intensity right from popping the cork; a few herbs too. Silky and intense, this is lovely but then the flavour grows again just as you think you are entering a finish. Just super.
2009 Mischief and Mayhem, Meursault CharmesNov. 2011
There is a faint gingerbread and a very fine width to the nose – it even smells fresh. Indeed this is a fresh and energetic Charmes with good concentration and length too – I would say rather lithe in shape. Well done!
1984 Boyer-Martenot Yves, Meursault CharmesOct. 2011
Golden. Hmm now this also shows no oxidation and has a little spicy honey on the nose. There is less direct impact versus the Pucelles, but the acidity is just a notch better and more impressive still is the way that the flavour grows in the mid-palate – many dimensions. This is first class old white burgundy. Yum!
2010 Germain Henri, Meursault CharmesSep. 2011
When I asked if this was from the upper or lower part of the vineyard – the reply came back; somewhere in the middle, but facing Puligny! This also shows the high tones but underpinned with a core of powerful yellow-skinned fruit. This has both energy and some minerality. Bravo!
2009 Germain Henri, Meursault CharmesSep. 2011
Pungent Meursault character edged with some higher tones – am I going to like this? Again, commendably fresh so with good energy. Strong finishing flavour – lovely!
2007 Mischief and Mayhem, Meursault CharmesApr. 2011
Medium-pale lemon yellow. Likewise the nose has lemon and lime aromas above a core of spiced bread. Wide, mouthfilling then a real burst of interest in the mid-palate – an extra creamy dimension – all borne on lovely acidity. Very lovely and, if I might say, with a level of energy that’s quite un-Charmes like – probably why I bought this one!
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