Why Big Red Diary?
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2008 Camus, Mazy-ChambertinNov. 2011
This was drunk in the evening in the company of other producer’s wines. Understated aromatics of herb and soil – interesting and not without depth. In the mouth this is quite linear but with good acidity – nothing tart about any of the 08 Camus range – quite long and interesting too. In the mid-palate there is no sparkle but there is a hint of muscle.
2007 Roty Joseph, Mazy-ChambertinApr. 2010
Tight, very clean dark fruit. Lots of very silky tannin – a darkly flavoured mix of fruit and oak. Very muscular, but if not balletic, it’s certainly lean, athletic muscle. Hard to believe it’s a 2007.
2001 Esmonin Frédéric, Mazy-ChambertinDec. 2009
Medium-plus colour. The nose starts like coal with a thin red-fruit coating – in the glass the fruit becomes ever stronger and the coal, fainter – really, really pretty. There’s not the punch and concentration of the ’99, but the flavour and density are really super. Good balance and a velvet texture, the acidity sucks you into a good, mouth-watering finish. Intense, slightly earthy, red-fruited velvet – super.
1999 Esmonin Frédéric, Mazy-ChambertinMay. 2009
Medium-plus colour, still with some last vestige of cherry-red. Right from pouring, cold – say 12°-ish – the nose was just a gorgeously smooth interpretation of macerating dark cherry – wow! The palate, however, was tight, linear, hinting towards tannin but delivering only a dark, faintly oaky but very long finish. As the contents of the glass slowly warm the nose adds a little coffee though slightly tightens, the flavours are expanding though, and with them, the tannin seems to be diminishing. Eventually a herbal complexity fills out the aromas. The palate becomes more intense and builds a sweetness – not a ripe vintage, confiture type of sweetness, rather an intensity of sweetness at the back of the palate. A very young, but very rewarding performance – I really wish I’d bought more, not just this wine, but Mazy (Mazis) in general.
2002 Rousseau Armand, Mazy-ChambertinNov. 2005
Medium cherry-red. A quite forward nose of creme brulee tinged red fruit. The palate is just a little more panoramic than the Ruchottes, more explosive too. Actually this wine is heading in too many directions at one time, much less controlled and elegant that the Ruchottes – which I prefer. Again very fine tannins. A very different personality even though the vines are separated by only 50-60 metres. I wouldn’t say no, but given the choice I would go for the Ruchottes.
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